Alumni Residency Fellowship


Deadlines: May 1 (for the July residency) and November 1 (for the January residency)

Note: The ARF for January 2018 has been selected.

We encourage you to apply for July 2018 or other future residencies, as there is often a waiting list.



Responsibilities of the Residency Fellow include recording each lecture, class, and reading that takes place during the residency, downloading the recordings to the computer and editing as needed, and burning each recording to a CD. The Fellow will also assist with the audio set-up at the readings.


Job Qualifications:

Applicants must have graduated from the program at least one year ago.
The demands of the position require good humor, discretion, and stamina, as well as organizational skills. Technological aptitude is central to the role; while we can train as needed, we welcome those who would bring some familiarity and ease with the processes involved in the recording aspects of this position.



In addition to being able to attend lectures, readings, and classes, the Residency Fellow will receive a dorm room and board, and a stipend of $1000 to offset travel costs.


How to apply:

Please send us a letter of interest which includes the following information: when you graduated from the program, your reasons for applying for the fellowship, and your experiences/skills/ personality traits that make you a great candidate for this position.

Email to Caleb Whitaker.



After a tough year away from Warren Wilson, the ARF July ’02 restored my belief in myself as a writer.  I hiked and danced.  I listened to the bluegrass fiddlers on campus.  I dutifully recorded all lectures and classes, which gave me a chance to hear smart, funny people discuss their craft again.  When I returned to New York, I was able to complete my manuscript and find an agent, who eventually found a publisher for my book.  I’m now working on my second novel and wish I could be a Wally fellow again.

— Lara Tupper