February 2013 New Releases


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Betty Adcock
Slantwise Intervale
The Difficult Wheel
Walking Out

Joan Aleshire
The Yellow Transparents
Cloud of Train

Agha Shahid Ali
The Veiled Suite
Call Me Ishmael Tonight
The Country Without a Post Office
Rooms Are Never Finished
A Nostalgist's Map of America
The Half-Inch Himalayas

Debra Allbery
Walking Distance

Tom Andrews
The Brother’s Country
Hymning the Kanawha
The Hemophiliac’s Motorcycle
Codeine Diary

A. Manette Ansay

Good Things I Wish You: A Novel
Vinegar Hill
Midnight Champagne
Blue Water
River Angel
Read This and Tell Me What It Says

Elizabeth Arnold
The Reef

David Baker
Looking Ahead
Rivers in the Sea
Laws of the Land
Summer Sleep
Sweet Home, Saturday Night
After the Reunion
The Truth about Small Towns
Heresy and the Ideal: On Contemporary Poetry
Changeable Thunder
Midwest Ecologue

Dean Bakopoulos
Please Don't Come Back From The Moon
My American Unhappiness

Wilton Barnhardt

Emma Who Saved My Life
Show World
Lookaway, Lookaway

Rick Barot
The Darker Fall

Andrea Barrett
Ship Fever
The Voyage of the Narwhal
Servants of the Map
The Air We Breathe
Lucid Stars
The Forms of Water
Middle Kingdom

Charles Baxter
The Feast of Love
The Soul Thief
Harmony of the World
Shadow Play
Saul and Patsy
A Relative Stranger

Gryphon: New and Selected Stories

Don Belton
Almost Midnight
Speak My Name

Pinckney Benedict
Town Smokes
The Wrecking Yard
Dogs of God
Surreal South

Adria Bernardi
Houses with Names
In the Gathering Woods
The Day Laid on the Alter
Dead Meander: Essays

Marianne Boruch

The Glimpse Traveler
Book Of Hours
Grace, Fallen From
In the Blue Pharmacy
Moss Burning
Poems New & Selected
A Stick that Breaks and Breaks

Poetry's Old Air
Cadaver, Speak

Robert Boswell
Century's Son
Crooked Hearts
Dancing in the Movies
Mystery Ride
American Owned Love

The Geography of Desire

Brian Bouldrey
The Genius of Desire
Love, the Magician
The Boom Economy: Or, Scenes from Clerical Life
The Autobiography Box
Monster: Gay Adventures in American Machismo
Honorable Bandit: A Walk Across Corsica

Karen Brennan
Here on Earth
The Garden In Which I Walk
The Real Enough World
Wild Desire
Little Dark

Rosellen Brown

Some Deaths in the Delta and Other Poems
Whole World Catalog, Teachers and Writers Collaborative
Street Games
The Autobiography of My Mother
Cora Fry
Cora Fry's Pillow Book
Tender Mercies
Civil Wars
Before and After
A Rosellen Brown Reader: Selected Poetry and Prose
Half a Heart

Sharon Bryan
Planet on the Table: Poets on the Reading Life
Where We Stand: Women Poets on Literary Tradition
Flying Blind
Objects of Affection
Salt Air

Liam Callanan
The Cloud Atlas
All Saints

Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Apocolyptic Swing
The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart

Ron Carlson
Five Skies
The Speed of Light
At the Jim Bridger: Stories

Anne Carson
Autobiography of Red
The Beauty of the Husband
Eros The Bittersweet
Men in the Off Hours
Glass, Irony, God

Maud Casey
The Shape of Things to Come
The Man Who Walked Away

Christopher Castellani

The Saint of Lost Things
A Kiss from Maddalena

All This Talk of Love

Lan Samantha Chang


Richard Chess 

Third Temple
Chair in the Desert

Robert Cohen

The Here and Now
Varieties of Romantic Experience: Stories
Inspired Sleep

Michael Collier
Make Us Wave Back 
The Clasp and Other Poems
The Folded Heart
The Neighbor
The Ledge
Dark Wild Realm

Peter Cooley
A Place Made of Starlight
Sacred Conversations
The Astonished Hours
The Van Gogh Notebook
The Room Where Summer Ends
The Company of Strangers

Justin Cronin 

Mary and O'Neil
The Summer Guest

Charles D'Ambrosio 
The Dead Fish Museum
The Point and Other Stories

Tracy Daugherty
Five Shades of Shadow
Hiding Man
Desire Provoked
The Woman in the Oil Field
The Boy Orator
Late in the Standoff
It Takes a Worried Man
Axeman's Jazz

Carl Dennis 
Practical Gods
A House of My Own
Poetry as Persuasion
Climbing Down
Meetings with Time
Signs and Wonders
Unknown Friends

Stacey D'Erasmo 
A Seahorse Year

The Sky below
The Art of Intimacy

Stuart Dischell
Backwards Days
Good Hope Road
Evenings & Avenues
Dig Safe

Stephen Dobyns

Next Word, Better Word
Boy in the Water
The Wrestler's Cruel Study
Best Words, Best Order
Eating Naked
Mystery, So Long
The House on Alexandrine
The Church of Dead Girls
Velocities: New and Selected Poems
The Two Deaths of Senora Puccini
The Balthus Poems
Cemetery Nights
Common Carnage
Body Traffic
Concurring Beasts
Black Dog, Red Dog
Dancer with One Leg
Cold Dog Soup
A Boat off the Coast
After Shocks; Near Escapes
Saratoga Hexameter
Saratoga Swimmer
Saratoga Longshot
Saratoga Bestiary
Saratoga Haunting
Saratoga Strongbox
Saratoga Snapper
Saratoga Headhunter

The Burn Palace

Judy Doenges
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
What She Left Me

Anthony Doerr 
Memory Wall: Stories
The Shell Collector
Four Seasons in Rome
About Grace
All the Light We Cannot See

Stephen Dunn 
Different Hours
Walking Light
New & Selected Poems, 1974-1994
Local Visitations
Riffs & Reciprocities
The Insistence of Beauty
Work and Love
Landscape at the End of the Century
A Circus of Needs
Looking for Holes in the Ceiling
Everything Else in the World
Local Time

Stuart Dybek
The Coast of Chicago
Childhood and Other Neighborhoods
Streets In Their Own Ink
Brass Knuckles
I Sailed With Magellan

Kim Edwards
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
The Secrets of a Fire King
The Onion Lady

Lynn Emanuel
The Dig
Hotel Fiesta

Susan Engberg
Above the House
Sarah’s Laughter and Other Stories
A Stay By the River

B.H. Fairchild 

Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest
The Art of the Lathe
The Arrival of the Future

Roger Fanning
The Island Itself

Roland Flint
Resuming Green
Say It
And Morning

Chris Forhan 
The Actual Moon, The Actual Stars
Forgive Us Our Happiness
Crumbs of Bread

Daisy Fried
My Brother is Getting Arrested Again
She Didn't Mean To Do It
Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice

Carol Frost

The Queen's Desertion
Love and Scorn
Venus & Don Juan
I Will Say Beauty
Day of the Body

Reginald Gibbons
Creatures of a Day
Maybe It Was So
Sparrow: New and Selected Poems
In the Warhouse
Homage to Longshot O'Leary
It's Time
Five Pears or Peaches

Louise Gluck
The House on Marshland
The Garden
Descending Figure
The Triumph of Achilles
The Wild Iris
The First Four Books of Poems
Vita Nova
The Seven Ages
Proofs and Theories: Essays on Poetry 

Barbara Greenberg
Never Not Sonnets
Fire Drills: Stories

Linda Gregerson
Magnetic North
The Woman Who Died in Her Sleep

Judith Grossman 
How Aliens Think: Stories
Her Own Terms
Evidence of Fascism in Greece

Jennifer Grotz 
The Needle
Psalms of All My Days: Poems by Patrice de la Tour du Pin

Alan Gurganus 
Plays Well With Others
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All

Jane Hamilton 
A Map of the World
When Madeline Was Young
The Book of Ruth
The Short History of a Prince

Matthea Harvey 
Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form
Sad Little Breathing Machine
Modern Life

Ehud Havazelet 
Like Never Before
What Is It Then Between Us?
Bearing the Body

Brooks Haxton 
They Lift Their Wings to Cry
Traveling Company
The Sun at Night
The Lay of Eleanor and Irene
Uproar: Antiphonies to Psalms
Dead Reckoning
Nakedness, Death, and the Number Zero
Fading Hearts on the River

Terrance Hayes 
Wind in a Box
Muscular Music
Hip Logic

David Haynes 
Live at Five
The Full Matilda
A Star in the Face of the Sky

Robert Hemenway
Zora Neale Hurston: A Literary Biography
The Girl Who Sang the Beatles And Other Stories
At the Border

Laura Hendrie
Remember Me

Marcie Hershman
Speak To Me: Grief, Love, and What Endures
Tales of the Master Race
Safe in America

Edward Hirsch 
Wild Gratitude
How To Read a Poem: And Fall in Love With Poetry
Poet’s Choice
The Demon and the Angel
Special Orders
On Love
Earthly Measures
Lay Back the Darkness
The Night Parade
For the Sleepwalkers 

Tony Hoagland 
Sweet Ruin
Donkey Gospel
Real Sofistikashun
What Narcissism Means to Me

Jonathan Holden
Design for a House
The Names of the Rapids
The Sublime
The Mark to Turn
Against Paradise
Brilliant Kids

Marie Howe
The Good Thief
What the Living Do
The Kingdom of Ordinary Time

C.J. Hribal
The Company Car
The Clouds in Memphis
Matty’s Heart
American Beauty

David Huddle
Dream with No Stump Roots in It
Paper Boy
Only the Little Bone
The High Spirits
The Nature of Yearning
A David Huddle Reader: Selected Prose and Poetry
Intimates: A Book of Stories
About These Stories
The Writing Habit
Summer Lake: New and Selected Poems
The Story of a Million Years
Not: A Trio (Two Stories and a Novella)
La Tour Dreams of the Wolf Girl
Grayscale: Poems
Glory River

Samantha Hunt
The Invention of Everything Else
The Seas

Mark Jarman
The Black Riviera
To the Green Man
Questions for Ecclesiastes
Unholy Sonnets
North Sea
Far and Away
The Rote Walker

Diane Johnson

Lulu in Marrakech
Le Mariage
Le Divorce

Joyce Johnson
Come and Join the Dance
Bad Connections
Minor Characters
In the Night Café
Door Wide Open: A Beat Love Affair in Letters, 1957-1958
Missing Men: A Memoir

Edward P. Jones
Lost in the City
The Known World
All Aunt Hagar's Children

A. Van Jordan
Quantum Lyrics
The Cineaste

Murad Kalam
Night Journey
The Contender

Laura Kasischke
The Life Before Her Eyes
Gardening in the Dark
Wild Brides
Be Mine
Dance and Disappear
White Bird in a Blizzard
Boy Heaven
What It Wasn’t
Fire & Flower
Housekeeping in a Dream
Lilies Without

Brigit Pegeen Kelly
The Orchard

Pagan Kennedy
The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories
The Exes
The First Man-Made Man
Confessions of a Memory Eater

Laila Lalami
Hope & Other Dangerous Pursuits
Secret Son

Victor LaValle
The Big Machine
Slapboxing with Jesus
The Ecstatic

Mary Leader

Red Signature
The Penultimate Suitor

Dana Levin
In Surgical Theatre
Wedding Day

Larry Levis

Wrecking Crew
The Afterlife
The Dollmaker's Ghost
Winter Stars
The Widening Spell of the Leaves
The Selected Levis
The Gazer Within
Black Freckles

Margot Livesey
The Flight Of Gemma Hardy
The House on Fortune Street
The Missing World
Eva Moves the Furniture
Banishing Verona
Sudden Rain
Learning By Heart 

James Longenbach
The Art of the Poetic Line
Fleet River
The Resistance to Poetry
Modern Poetry After Modernism
Stone Cottage
Draft of a Letter
The Virtues of Poetry

Thomas Lux
Memory's Handgrenade
The Glassblower's Breath
Half Promised Land
The Drowned River
Split Horizon
The Blind Swimmer: Selected Early Poems, 1970-1975
New and Selected Poems, 1975-1995
The Street of Clocks
The Cradle Place
God Particles 

Clarence Major
Swallow the Lake
Emergency Exit
All-Night Visitors
Dirty Bird Blues

Thomas Mallon

In Fact: Essays on Writers and Writing
Stolen Words: Forays into the Origins and Ravages of Plagiarism
A Book of One's Own: People and Their Diaries
Fellow Travelers
Two Moons
Dewey Defeats Truman
Henry and Clara
Arts and Sciences: A Seventies Seduction

Maurice Manning
A Companion for Owls
Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions
The Gone and the Going Away

Kai Maristed
Broken Ground
Out After Dark
Belong to Me

Michael Martone
Alive and Dead in Indiana
Return to Powers
Safety Patrol (
A Place of Sense: Essays in Search of the Midwest
Townships: Pieces of the Midwest
Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler's List
Pensées: The Thoughts of Dan Quayle
Seeing Eye
The Flatness and Other Landscapes
The Blue Guide to Indiana
Michael Martone
Unconventions: Attempting the Art of Craft and the Craft of Art
Double-Wide: Collected Fiction of Michael Martone
Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins 

Grace Dane Mazur

Campbell McGrath
American Noise
Spring Comes to Chicago
Road Atlas
Florida Poems
Pax Atomica
Heart of Anthracite
Seven Notebooks
Shannon: A Poem of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Erin McGraw
The Good Life
Bodies at Sea
The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard
Lies of the Saints
The Baby Tree

Heather McHugh
A World of Difference
To the Quick
Broken English: Poetry and Partiality
Hinge & Sign: Poems 1968-1993
The Father of the Predicaments

Christopher McIlroy

All My Relations

Kevin McIlvoy

The Complete History of New Mexico: Stories
The Fifth Station
Little Peg

James McManus
Going to the Sun
Ghost Waves
Chin Music
Out of the Blue
Physical: An American Checkup
Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker
Great America
Antonio Salazar Is Dead

James McMichael
Against the Falling Evil
The Lover’s Familiar
Four Good Things
Each in a Place Apart The World at Large: New and Selected Poems, 1971-1996
The Style of the Short Poem
Just What the Country Needs, Another Poetry Anthology
Ulysses and Justice

T.M. McNally
The Gateway
The Goat Bridge
Almost Home
Until Your Heart Stops

Pablo Medina
The Cigar Roller
The Floating Island
Exiled Memories: A Cuban Childhood
The Return of Felix Nogara
Points of Balance
The Marks of Birth
Pork Rind and Cuban Songs
Arching into the Afterlife 

Claire Messud
When the World Was Steady
The Last Life
The Hunters
The Emperor’s Children

Lisel Mueller

Alive Together: New and Selected Poems
Learning to Play by Ear
Waving from Shore
Second Language
The Need to Hold Still
Voices from the Forest
The Private Life
Reading the Brothers Grimm to Jenny

Antonya Nelson

The Expendables
In The Land of Men
Family Terrorists
Female Trouble
Some Fun
Nothing Right
Nobody's Girl
Talking In Bed
Living to Tell 

Susan Neville

Iconography: A Writer’s Meditation
Fabrication: Essays on Making Things and Making Meaning
Indiana Winter
In the House of Blue Lights
Sailing the Inland Sea: On Writing, Literature and Land
The Invention of Flight

Alix Ohlin
The Missing Person
Babylon and Other Stories

Steve Orlen
The Elephant’s Child: New and Selected Poems, 1978-2005
A Place at the Table
The Bridge of Sighs
Permission to Speak
This Particular Eternity
Separate Creatures
Sleeping on Doors

Peter Orner
The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo
Esther Stories
Last Car over the Sagamore Bridge

Gregory Orr
The Blessing: A Memoir
How Beautiful the Beloved
Poetry as Survival
Gathering the Bones Together
We Must Make a Kingdom Out of It
The Red House
The Caged Owl: New and Selected Poems
Burning the Empty Nests
Richer Entanglements: Essays and Notes on Poetry and Poems
City of Salt

Tom Paine

Scar Vegas
The Pearl of Kuwait

Michael Parker

The Watery Part Of The World
Hello Down There
Towns Without Rivers
Virginia Lovers
If You Want Me To Stay
The Geographical Cure
Don't Make Me Stop Now
All I Have in This World

Alexander Parsons
In the Shadows of the Sun
Leaving Disneyland

Janet Peery
Alligator Dance
The River Beyond the World
What the Thunder Said

Kathleen Peirce
Divided Touch, Divided Color
The Oval Hour
The Ardors

Lucia Perillo
Inseminating the Elephant
I've Heard the Vultures Singing: Field Notes on Poetry, Illness, and Nature
Luck is Luck
The Body Mutinies
The Oldest Map with the Name America
Dangerous Life

Carl Phillips
Quiver of Arrows: Selected Poems
Riding Westward
The Rest of Love
Rock Harbor
The Tether
From the Devotions
In the Blood

Connie Porter
All-Bright Court
Meet Addy: An American girl
Addy Learns a Lesson: A school story
Addy's Surprise: A Christmas story
Happy Birthday, Addy!: A springtime story
Addy Saves the Day: A summer story
Changes for Addy: A winter story
Imani All Mine
High Hopes for Addy
Addy's Little Brother
Addy's Wedding Quilt
Addy Studies Freedom
Addy's Summer Place

Francine Prose

Judah the Pious
The Glorious Ones
Marie Laveau
Household Saints
Hungry Hearts
Bigfoot Dreams
Primitive People
Hunters and Gatherers
Blue Angel A Changed Man
Women and Children First
Guided Tours of Hell
The Peaceable Kingdom
The Lives of the Muses: Nine Women & the Artists They Inspired
Gluttony Sicilian Odyssey
Caravaggio: Painter of Miracles
Reading Like a Writer 

Nahid Rachlin
The Heart’s Desire
Persian Girls
Married to a Stranger
Veils: Short Stories
Jumping Over Fire

Claudia Rankine

Nothing in Nature Is Private
The End of the Alphabet
Don't Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric

Barbara Ras
Bite Every Sorrow
One Hidden Stuff

Frederick Reiken

The Odd Sea
The Lost Legends of New Jersey

Martha Rhodes

Mother Quiet
Perfect Disappearance
At the Gate
The Beds

Mary Elsie Robertson
After Freud
Family Life
What I Have to Tell You
The Clearing
Speak, Angel

Kenneth Rosen
Whole Horse

Mary Ruefle

Indeed I Was Pleased With The World
A Little White Shadow
Among the Musk Ox People
Apparition Hill
Post Meridian
Cold Pluto
The Adamant
Life Without Speaking
Memling's Veil

Norman Rush

Richard Russo
The Risk Pool
Nobody's Fool
Straight Man
Empire Falls
The Whore's Child and Other Stories
Bridge of Sighs

Michael Ryan
New And Selected Poems
Baby B
A Difficult Grace: On Poets, Poetry, and Writing
Secret Life
God Hunger
In Winter
Threats Instead of Trees

Ira Sadoff
Emotional Traffic
A Northern Calendar
Maine: Nine Poems
Palm Reading in Winter
Settling Down
History Matters: Contemporary Poetry on the Margins of American Culture
An Ira Sadoff Reader: A collection of stories, poems, essay

Grace Schulman
Burn Down the Icons
Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement
The Broken String
Days of Wonder: New and Selected Poems
The Paintings of Our Lives

Steven Schwartz
A Good Doctor’s Son
Lives of the Fathers
To Leningrad in Winter

Alan Shapiro
Broadway Baby
Night Of The Republic
The Oresteia
Tantalus in Love
Song and Dance
The Dead Alive and Busy
Old War
Mixed Company
The Courtesy
Happy Hour
After the Digging
Reel to Reel

Jim Shepard
Paper Doll
Lights Out in the Reptile House
Kiss of the Wolf
Project X
Batting against Castro
Love and Hydrogen
Like You'd Understand, Anyway

David Shields

Jeff, One Lonely Guy
Reality Hunger: A Manifesto
The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead
Body Politic: The Great American Sports Machine
Enough About You: Adventures in Autobiography
Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season
Remote: Reflections on Life in the Shadow of Celebrity
Handbook for Drowning: A Novel in Stories
Dead Languages: A Novel
Heroes: A Novel
How Literature Saved My Life

Joan Silber
Household Words
In the City
In My Other Life
Ideas of Heaven: A Ring of Stories
The Size of the World

John Skoyles
A Little Faith
Permanent Change
Definition of the Soul
Generous Strangers and Other Moments from My Life
Secret Frequencies: A New York Education,
The Situation

Tom Sleigh
Space Walk
Far Side of the Earth
The Dreamhouse
The Chain
After One
Interview With a Ghost

Jane Smiley
Barn Blind
At Paradise Gate
Duplicate Keys
The Greenlanders
Ordinary Love & Good Will
A Thousand Acres
The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
Horse Heaven
Good Faith
Ten Days in the Hills
The Age of Grief
Charles Dickens
A Year at the Races: Reflections on Horses, Humans, Love, Money, and Luck
Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel 

Dave Smith
The Wick of Memory: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2000
Floating on Solitude: Three Volumes of Poetry
Fate’s Kite: Poems 1991-1995
Cuba Night

Dominic Smith
The Beautiful Miscellaneous
The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

Patrick Somerville
This Bright River
The Universe In Miniature In Miniature
The Cradle

Marcia Southwick

The Night Won’t Save Anyone
Why the River Disappears
A Saturday Night at the Flying Dog
Build With Adobe

Irini Spanidou
God’s Snake

Debra Spark
The Pretty Girl
Curious Attractions: Essays on Fiction Writing
The Ghost of Bridgetown
Coconuts for the Saint
Twenty Under Thirty
Good For the Jews

Megan Staffel

The Notebook of Lost Things
She Wanted Something Else
Length of Wire and Other Stories

Maura Stanton
Snow on Snow
Cries of Swimmers
Tales of the Supernatural
Glacier Wine
Life Among the Trolls
Immortal Sofa
The Country I Come From
Do not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling
Cities in the Sea

Darcey Steinke

Up Through the Water
Suicide Blonde
Jesus Saves
Easter Everywhere
Joyful Noise: The New Testament Revisited

Gerald Stern
The Naming of Beasts
Rejoicings: Selected Poems 1966-72
Lucky Life
The Red Coal
Paradise Poems
Selected Essays
Two Long Poems
Leaving Another Kingdom: Selected Poems
Bread without Sugar
Odd Mercy
This Time: New and Selected Poems
Last Blue
American Sonnets
Not God After All
What I Can't Bear Losing: Notes from a Life
Everything Is Burning
Save the Last Dance: Poems

Susan Stewart
Poetry and the Fate of the Senses
The Open Studio: Essays on Art and Aesthetics
The Forest
On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection
Red Rover
Crimes of Writing
The Hive
Nonsense: Aspects of Intertextuality in Folklore and Literature

Ruth Stone
What Love Comes To: New and Selected Poems
In the Dark
In the Next Galaxy
Ordinary Words
Who is the Widow’s Muse?
The Solution
Second Hand Coat: Poems New and Selected
American Milk
Unknown Messages
Cheap: New Poems and Ballads
Topography and Other Poems
In an Iridescent Time

Sarah Stone
The True Sources of the Nile

Elizabeth Strout

Amy & Isabelle
Abide by Me
Olive Kitteridge

Janet Sylvester

The Mark of Flesh
That Mulberry Wine

Mary Szybist

Jean Thompson
Who Do You Love: Stories
Throw Like a Girl
City Boy
Wild Blue Yonder
Do Not Deny Me

Daniel Tobin
Where the World is Made
Double Life
The Narrows
Second Things
The Net
Belated Heavens
Awake in America
Passage to the Center: Imagination and the Sacred in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney
Poets Work, Poets Play (Editor with Pimone Triplett)
The Book of Irish American Poetry from the Eighteenth Century to the Present (Editor)
Light in Hand: The Early Poems of Lola Ridge (Editor)

Pimone Triplett
The Price of Light
Ruining the Picture

Peter Turchi
The Girls Next Door
Bringing the Devil to His Knees: The Craft of Fiction and the Writing Life (co-editor, with Charles Baxter)
The Story Behind the Story: 26 Writers and How They Work (co-editor, with Andrea Barrett)
Suburban Journals: The Sketchbooks, Drawings and Prints of Charles Ritchie
Exhibition catalogue. University of Richmond Museums, 2004.
Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer
A Kite in the Wind: Fiction Writers on Their Craft (co-editor, with Andrea Barrett)
A Muse and A Maze: Writing as Puzzle, Mystery, and Magic

Chase Twichell
The Ghost of Eden
The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises From Poets Who Teach
The Lover of God
Northern Spy: Poems
Dog Language
The Odds
The Snow Watcher

Douglas Unger
Leaving the Land
El Yanqui
The Turkey War
Voices from Silence
Looking for War 

Jean Valentine
Dream Barker, and Other Poems
Ordinary Things
The Messenger
Home Deep Blue: New and selected poems
The River at Wolf
The Under Voice: Selected Poems
Growing Darkness, Growing Light
The Cradle of the Real Life
Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965–2003
Little Boat

Ellen Bryant Voigt 

Claiming Kin
The Forces of Plenty
The Lotus Flowers: Poems
Two Trees
The Flexible Lyric
Shadow of Heaven
Messenger: New and Selected Poems 1976-2006

Chuck Wachtel
Joe the Engineer
Because We Are Here
The Gates

Diana Wagman
Skin Deep

Larry Watson
Montana 1948
White Crosses
In A Dark Time
Sundown, Yellow Moon
Leaving Dakota

Bruce Weigl
Like a Sack Full of Old Quarrels
A Romance
The Monkey Wars
Song of Napalm
What Saves Us
Sweet Lorain
Not on the Map
Archeology of the Circle: New and Selected Poems
After the Others
The Unraveling Strangeness
Declension in the Village of Chung Luong
The Circle of Hanh: A Memoir

James Wilcox
Modern Baptists
North Gladiola
Miss Undine's Living Room
Sort of Rich
Polite Sex
Guest of a Sinner
Plain and Normal
Heavenly Days
Hunk City

Alan Williamson
Love and the Soul
Pity the Monsters: The Political Vision of Robert Lowell
The Muse of Distance

Eleanor Wilner
The Girl With Bees in Her Hair
Reversing the Spell: New & Selected Poems
Sarah’s Choice
Gathering the Winds

Anne Winters
The Key to the City
The Displaced of Capital

Geoffrey Wolff
Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby
Duke of Deception
The Final Club
The Age of Consent
The Art of Burning Bridges: A Life of John O'Hara
The Edge of Maine

Renate Wood
Points of Entry
Raised Underground
The Patience of Ice

Susan Wood
The Soul Bone

Charles Wright
Scar Tissue
The Wrong End of the Rainbow
Buffalo Yoga
A Short History of the Shadow
Negative Blue
North American Bear
Black Zodiac
Quarter Notes
The World of the Ten Thousand Things
Zone Journals
Halflife (improvisations and interviews)
The Other Side of the River
Country Music/Selected Early Poems
The Southern Cross
China Trace
Hard Freight
The Grave of the Right Hand

Robert Wrigley
Earthly Meditations: New and Selected Poems
Lives of the Animals
Reign of Snakes
In the Bank of Beautiful Sins
What My Father Believed
Moon in a Mason Jar
The Sinking of Clay City

Dean Young
Design with X
Beloved Infidel
Strike Anywhere
First Course in Turbulence
Elegy on Toy Piano
Primitive Mentor
The Art of Recklessness

C. Dale Young
The Second Person
The Day Underneath the Day