Holden Minority Scholarship

 To encourage diversity in the MFA program


The Larry Levis Endowment

 A writing stipend to support the completion of a book by an alumnus


The Amy Grimm Student Emergency Fund

 For continuing students and emergency need


The Lisel Mueller Scholarship

 For students with small children


The Memorial Fund

 Scholarships to the annual alumni conference in honor of former Warren Wilson graduates Ali Dor-Ner, Kitty Hamilton, Beth Stahlecker, Marjorie     Woodbury, Michelle Wyrebek, and Linda Dyer


The Renate Wood Memorial Scholarship

 For entering student poets


The MFA General Scholarship

This scholarship fund supports the MFA need-determined grants.


The Carol Houck Smith Scholarship

The Carol Houck Smith Scholarship directly supports students completing their thesis manuscripts.


The Barnhardt Family Fund

This fund covers room and board and other residency fees for our neediest students.


The Steve Orlen Fund for Faculty

 For faculty sabbatical leave and emergency funds