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JULY 2015

CHARLES BAXTER: The Poet’s Story and the Dramatic Image (Lecture)
ROBERT BOSWELL: Take Me to the River: Stories that Invent and Manipulate Rituals (Lecture)
STEPHEN DOBYNS: Apollinaire (Class)
DAISY FRIED: “…ice/Is also great/And would suffice”: On Flatness (Lecture)
LAUREN GROFF: Islands (Lecture)
BROOKS HAXTON: Translation (Class)
DAVID HAYNES: I’m Sure You Know What I’m Saying: The Rhetorical Agendas of First Person Narrators (Class)
CAITLIN HORROCKS: Truth-Telling for Liars (Class)
RODNEY JONES: Overriding the Autobiographical First-Person Default:  Writing Poetry in Fictional Points-of-View (Lecture)
JAMES LONGENBACH: The Construction of Voice (Lecture)
MAURICE MANNING: Hear Lies Andrew Baker: An Epitome on Figures of Speech (Lecture)
KEVIN McILVOY: Desinence (Lecture)
ALAN SHAPIRO: On Convention and Self-Expression (Lecture)
JOAN SILBER: Did That Really Happen?—Experience and Invention in Fiction (Class)
DEBRA SPARK: Jump Already (Lecture)


DEAN BAKOPOULOS: The Art of Accumulation: Epic Weight on Slender Spines (Class)
LIAM CALLANAN: Distraction, Displacement, and Discourse: On Dialogue in Poetry and Fiction (Lecture)
STEPHEN DOBYNS: Aspects of the Lyric (Lecture)
JANE HAMILTON: How the Master Guides the Student: Shadow and Glare (Lecture)
C.J. HRIBAL: You Are Not Who You Think You Are: Meditations on the Second Person Voice (Lecture)
NINA McCONIGLEY: Representing Foreign Territories in Fiction (Class)
MICHAEL PARKER: The Parenthetical (Lecture)
ROGER REEVES: (Troubling) Image and the Poetic Statement (Class)
DOMINIC SMITH: The Year Without a Summer: On the Uses of Weather and Atmosphere in Fiction (Lecture)
MEGAN STAFFEL: The Uses of Humor (Class)
CONNIE VOISINE: "I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy": A Primer for Narrative in Poetry (Class)
ELEANOR WILNER: The Long Approach: An Appreciation of the Life and Work of Maxine Kumin (Lecture)

JULY 2014

CHARLES BAXTER: Fugitive Subjectivity and Toxic Narratives (Lecture)
CHRIS CASTELLANI: Lyrical Seductions (Class)
ROBERT COHEN: The Sentence (Class)
DAISY FRIED: Ice Queens and Hotheads: On Extreme Tones (Lecture)
LAUREN GROFF: Horror Vacui: On Gaps, Spaces, and Silences (Lecture)
JENNIFER GROTZ: Irony and Ecstasy, Blackbirds and Clowns: The Poems of Adam Zagajewski (Class)
CAITLIN HORROCKS: Revision Advice from the Judges' Table (Class)
MAURICE MANNING: Nature and the Possibility of a Moral Imagination (Lecture)
HEATHER McHUGH: ABOVE ALL: Inquiry and Empathy (Lecture)
ALAN SHAPIRO: Heart in Brief: the Epigram (Class)
DEBRA SPARK: Surprise Me (Lecture)
SARAH STONE: Strategic Opacity (Lecture)
DANIEL TOBIN: John Donne at the Odeon (Lecture)
PETER TURCHI: Writing as Puzzle and Mystery (Class)
LAURA VAN DEN BERG: The Unanswered Question: Mystery in Fiction (Class)


DEAN BAKOPOULOS: Let us Consider the Kitchen: The User's Guide to Lists, Maps, and Inventories (Class)
DAISY FRIED: The Blackbird Whistling or Just After: The Craft of Double Vision (Class)
JEREMY GAVRON: The Singularity of Thievery (Class)
JUDITH GROSSMAN: Instead of a Muse: A Genealogy for Stories (Lecture)
DAVID HAYNES: Would You Like to See My Cat Mammy?  Looking at Other People and Their Stuff (Class)
C.J. HRIBAL: Obsession in General and the Novella in Particular (Lecture)
JAMES LONGENBACH: The Medium of the English Language (Lecture)
MAURICE MANNING: Fat Man's Misery, or, The Mind of the Poem (Lecture)
KEVIN McILVOY: THe Equilibrist & the Dynamist (Lecture)
ROBIN ROMM: Great Neurotics (Lecture)
ALAN SHAPIRO: Poetic Odd Couples (Class)
MEGAN STAFFEL: Now You See It; Now You Don't (Class)
ALAN WILLIAMSON: The Pentameter Line (Class)
ELEANOR WILNER: Making Waves: Thinking about Form in Nature and Poetry (Lecture)
MONICA YOUN: Nora/Laura (Lecture)
MIXING IT UP: Boruch, Brennan, Gavron, Romm, Shields, Shapiro (Panel)

JULY 2013

CHARLES BAXTER: Dramatic Interventions: The Request Moment (Lecture)
ROBERT BOSWELL: Having Weight and Having Gravity: A Lecture on Resonance and Meaning in Fiction (Lecture)
GABRIELLE CALVOCORESSI: Once in Black Mountain: Our Neighbor Charles Olson & "In Cold Hell, in Thicket" (Discussion Class)
CHRISTOPHER CASTELLANI: Looking for Friends?  Try Facebook: The Myth of Likeability (Discussion Class)
STEPHEN DOBYNS: The Shift in James Wright's work from the formal poetry of his first two books, The Green Wall and Saint Judas, and the free verse poetry of The Branch will Not Break (Lecture)
BROOKS HAXTON: Lines Everybody Has To Have Heard (Discussion Class)
DAVID HAYNES: Don't Look at the Basement: The Charms of Discrepant Awareness (Discussion Class)
TONY HOAGLAND: Information, Layering, and the Composite Poem (Informal Lecture)
CAITLIN HORROCKS: When Bad Stories Go Good (Lecture)
HEATHER McHUGH: Composition as Conversation--and Vice Versa (Lecture)
KEVIN McILVOY: Revising Time (Discussion Class)
PETER ORNER: Reading as Experience (Lecture)
ALAN SHAPIRO: Religious Poetry as Argument: How Jonson, Herbert, and Cunningham dramatize through form and style an argument with God (Discussion Class)
DEBRA SPARK: Can I Have Some Information, Please? (Lecture)
MARY SZYBIST: There Interposed a ________: A Few Considerations of Poetic Drama (lecture)
PETER TURCHI: Power Play (Lecture)


DEAN BAKOPOULOS: Rainbows for All God's Children (& Other Horror Stories) (Lecture)
KAREN BRENNAN: Constraints (Discussion Class)
DAISY FRIED: All My Pretty Hates (Lecture)
JENNIFER GROTZ: What Gets Found: On Poetry and Translation (Discussion Class)
DAVID HAYNES: Did You Hear the One About the Russian Dolls?: A Nest of Nested Stories (Discussion Class)
RODNEY JONES: Theodore Roethke's Eccentric Progressions (Discussion Class)
KEVIN McILVOY: Focalization (Lecture)
ROBIN ROMM: THe Unsparing Gaze (Lecture)
DOMINIC SMITH: The Mystery of Personality: Paradox, Consistency, and the Limits of Psychology in Creating Compelling Fictional Characters (Lecture)
MEGAN STAFFEL: Using Cultures (Discussion Class)
CONNIE VOISINE: What is big as an elephant but weighs nothing at all?* or The Riddle in the Lyric Poem (Lecture)
ELEANOR WILNER: Getting Out of the Way, or How Not to Stand in Your Own Light

JULY 2012

GABRIELLE CALVOCORESSI:  The Beams of Our House(s) Are Cedar(s): Erotic Specificity in the Song of Songs
CHRISTOPHER CASTELLANI:  Objective Correlative
ROBERT COHEN: “Refer Madness”: Writing in an Age of Allusion  (Lecture)
JEREMY GAVRON: In Praise of Omission
JENNIFER GROTZ: On [Poetry and] Boxing  (Lecture)
BROOKS HAXTON:  Image and the Levels of Meaning  (Lecture)
DAVID HAYNES:  Starting the Engine and Setting the Terms: Novels from the Ground Up
A. VAN JORDAN:  The Suspension of Disbelief
MARY LEADER:  Sestinas & Other Chances
ALIX OHLIN:  Misfits and Malfeasance: The Criminal Act in Fiction
DEBRA SPARK:  That’s Funny  (Lecture)
SARAH STONE:   The Pleasures of Hell  (Lecture)
DANIEL TOBIN:  “Hello I Must Be Going”: The Poetry of Farewell (Lecture)
PETER TURCHI:  Annotations, the Degree Essay, and Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Analyzing Fiction as a Writer (Except for the Stuff We Don't Get To)
ALAN WILLIAMSON:  How the Line Means in Free Verse


DEAN BAKOPOULOS: Baby, I’ve Changed, I Swear: Creating Credible Turning Points in Poetry and Prose
STEPHEN DOBYNS: Baudelaire (Class, One Session)
DAISY FRIED: “A Very Abstract Look on His Face”: New Narrative Poetry as Destabilizing Force
DAVID HAYNES: Narration, Narrators, and the Sticky Issue(s) of Edward P. Jones


RICK BAROT: The Voice in Question
ROBERT BOSWELL: How I Met My Wife: On Characters & Characterization
MAUD CASEY: States of Wonder
RODNEY JONES: “Poetic Language and Credibility: The Poem that Does Not Seem to Be a Poem”
MARGOT LIVESEY: Mrs. Turpin Reads The Stars
JAMES LONGENBACH: An Odyssey of Style
MAURICE MANNING: The Uses of Nostalgia
KEVIN McILVOY: The One Reader
ALAN SHAPIRO: Convention and Mysticism: Dickinson, Hardy, and Williams




Joan Aleshire: My Movie of Emily Dickinson (class)
Robert Boswell: The Man in the Water: Sub-Aqua Commerce in Maximal Short Fiction
Gabrielle Calvocoressi: One Long Poem: Patience, Perseverance and Precision in “The Asylum” by Hayden Carruth
Stephen Dobyns: Economy, Intensity and Ferocity: Poems by R.S. Thomas (lecture)
Jeremy Gavron: Whose Story Is It Anyway? (lecture)
Reginald Gibbons: Prosody: Rhythm, Meter, Line
Jennifer Grotz: Tadeusz Różewicz: Poetry and Antipoetry (class)
David Haynes: Aren’t Those People Interesting: A Consideration of One of the Containers of Identity (class)
Tony Hoagland:: Housing and Transmission (informal lecture)
Mary Leader: Pantoums (class)
Heather McHugh: 1000-Year-Old Spunk and Spirit: Su Tung P'o and Shmuel HaNagid (lecture)
Susan Neville: The Paragraph (discussion class, double session)
Alix Ohlin: Afterimage (class)
Alexander Parsons: Lasting First Impressions: The Novel Opening (lecture)
Robin Romm: The Primary Role of Secondary Characters (class)
Mary Szybist: Strategic Concessions (lecture)
Peter Turchi: All Around the World, or The Myth of Linearity (lecture)


Robert Boswell, Mary Leader, Sarah Stone, Heather McHugh
Joan Aleshire, Susan Neville, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, David Shields, Stephen Dobyns
Tony Hoagland, Karen Brennan, Alan Shapiro, Alex Parsons, Alan Williamson
Jennifer Grotz, Alix Ohlin, Maurice Manning, Kevin McIlvoy, C. Dale Young
Debra Allbery, David Haynes, Marianne Boruch, Peter Turchi, Ellen Voigt
Goldie Goldbloom, Tulora Roeckers, Kim Frank Kirk, Gil Soltz
Kate Greathead, Michael Gareau, Meredith Martinez, Jamaal May



-Dean Bakopolous: Hot Dog Station! Show Show Show!: Expressionism, Exclamations, and the Lyricism of Upheaval
-Rick Barot: The Sea & The Zebra: Visual Effects in Poems
-Marianne Boruch: The End Inside It
-Liam Callanan: So this is How it Ends: Disjunctive Endings in Contemporary Short Fiction
-Stacey D'Erasmo: On the Unsayable
-Jennifer Grotz: Wislawa Szymborska: View with a Grain of Sand
-Brooks Haxton: Tone of Yeats
-Dana Levin: Poetry of Witness: Some Recent Strategies in Arthur Sze's The Gingko Light and CD Wright's One Big Self
-Maurice Manning: Place and the Compostition of Poetic Self
-Kevin McIlvoy: Sentencing & Summoning: Reflections on the Sentence and the Poetic Line
-Alix Ohlin: Silence in Fiction
-Michael Parker: Transvestite Hermaphrodite: All Hail the Semi-Colon
-Alan Shapiro: Technique of Empathy: Free Indirect Style in Poetry
-Patrick Somerville: Running and Wanting: Flight and Pursuit in Fiction


-Antonya Nelson, Dana Levin, Patrick Somerville, Maurice Manning
-Rick Barot, Michael Parker, Eleanor Wilner, Meghan Staffel
-Dean Bakopolous, Martha Rhodes, Alix Ohlin, Ellen Bryant Voigt
-Brooks Haxton, Karen Brennan, Alan Shapiro, Stacey D'Erasmo
-Debra Allbery, Liam Callanan, Jennifer Grotz, CJ Hribal
-Marianne Boruch, David Haynes, C. Dale Young, Kevin McIlvoy
-Zoe Lasden-Lyman, Scott Nadelson, Brian Tai
-Leslie Contreras-Schwartz, RJ Gibson, Jenny Johnson, Glenis Redmond
-Diana Lueptow, Nathan Poole, Andy Young



Charles Baxter:  Captain Happen, or: Some Notes on Narrative Urgency
Robert Boswell:  Complex Moments in Fiction
Maud Casey:  The Art of Suggestion
Stephen Dobyns: Moral Inquiry
Tony Hoagland:  Idiom—Our Funny Valentine
James Longenbach:  The Excess of Poetry
Peter Turchi:  The Pleasures of Difficulty
C. Dale Young:  The Veil of Accessibility:  An Examination of Two Poems by Kenneth Koch  and Frank O’Hara in Light of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness


Joan Aleshire:  Writer and Reader:  Some Notes on a Relationship
David Baker: Poetic Forms
Gabrielle Calvocoressi: And That’s All I Have to Say About That: Catalogues in Poems
Christopher Castellani: Get Ready For Your Close-Up: Manipulating Narrative Distance
David Haynes: Idiots with Really Bad Ideas who Blow Stuff Up Real Good:
On the Narrative Design on Comic Novels
Kevin McIlvoy: The Long Solo
Katie Peterson: Time is my Iago


July1: Katie Peterson, Robert Boswell, Daniel Tobin, Jane Hamilton, C. Dale Young
July 2: Maud Casey, Robert Cohen, Stephen Dobyns, Peter Turchi
July 3:  Tony Hoagland, Steven Schwartz, Heather McHugh, Debra Spark, Alan WIlliamson
July 4: Charlie Baxter, David Baker, Christopher Castellani, Brooks Haxton, Victore LaValle,
Ellen Bryant Voigt
July 5: Debra Allbery, David Haynes, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, C.J. Hribal, James Longenbach,
Kevin McIlvoy
July 6: Kellam Ayres, Ray Daniels, Christian Gullette, Matthew Müller
July 7: Soraya Lolita Homayouni, Kala Dunn, Kascha Snavely, Diana Napier, Laura Van Prooyen
July 8: Syda Day, Jonathan Bennet Bonilla, Denise Delgado, Elaine McCreight, Christy Quinto
July 9: Jen Kelly, Jeremy Bass, Mattox Roesch, Tiffanie Desmangles, Karen Tucker
July 10: Stacy Patton Anderson, Dwayne Betts, Mary Medlin, Hannah Fries, Alison Powell



Dean Bakopoulos: The Waiting is the Hardest Part: Dead Air, Denial, & Duende
Marianne Boruch: The Little Death of Self
Stephen Dobyns: A Sense of Space
Anthony Doerr: Suspense: Shower-Murders, the Sword of Damocles, and Shooting People on the Beach
C.J. Hribal: Please Release Me: Revelatory Information and the Art of Mystery
James Longenbach: The Sound of Shakespeare Thinking
Maurice Manning: Blue Yodel #9: Lyricism, Landscape, and the Inner Voice
Sarah Stone: Taking Sides:  Structural Conflict


Liam Callanan: Success Ain’t No Mystery: Or is it? (Literary Lessons from the Mystery Genre)
Gabrielle Calvocoressi: What’s Form Got to Do with It?  How Traditional Form Creates Emotive Resonance in Gwendolyn Brooks and Donald Justice
Jennifer Grotz: Czeslaw Milosz’s Passionate Pursuit of the Real
Brooks Haxton: Prosody
Alix Ohlin: Outside Lies Magic: Seeing and Setting
Debra Spark: Listen Up
Megan Staffel: The Other Place


-Dean Bakopoulos, Mary Leader, Anthony Doerr, Ellen Bryant Voigt
-C.J. Hribal, Marianne Boruch, Alix Ohlin, Maurice Manning
-David Haynes, Martha Rhodes, Dominic Smith, Eleanor Wilner
-Debra Spark, Rick Barot, Megan Staffel, Stephen Dobyns
-Karen Brennan, Jennifer Grotz, Liam Callanan, James Longenbach, Kevin McIlvoy
-Debra Allbery, Stacey D’Erasmo, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Sarah Stone, Brooks Haxton
-Rebecca Foust, Reine Marie Melvin, Hilary Varner, Robert Rorke
-Aaron de Long, Chi Elliott, Hadley Moore, Rose McLarney
-Graduation Ceremony
-Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Aneesha Capur, Nora Hutton Shepard, Paul Rankin



Maud Casey: Watching the Clock: Some Aspects of Time in Fiction
Stacey D’Erasmo: The Space Between: Simultaneity, Mutuality, Shared Interiority and the Creation of Intimacy in Fiction
Stephen Dobyns: Poetic Closure
Judy Doenges: We Are One: The First-Person Plural in Fiction
James Longenbach: Tone Poems
Heather McHugh: Part and Parcel: The Stuff of Language as Packed by Wallace Stevens
Steven Schwartz: The Absence of Their Presence: Mythic Character in Fiction
Alan Shapiro: Translation as “Linguistic Hospitality”
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Double-Double


Joan Aleshire: Sincerity, Authenticity, Irony, Truth
Karen Brennan: Collage/Assemblage
Christopher Castellani: Satisfy Me
Brooks Haxton: Thinking
C.J. Hribal: Sleight/Slight of Mind: The (Reliably) Unreliable Consciousness
Dana Levin: Drama, Silence, Speed, Assemblage and Accrual, or Five Poems That Taught Me Something about the Line (with No Thanks to Facebook)
Pablo Medina: The Poet as Novelist: Michael Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter
Peter Orner: Joseph Mitchell and the Art of Listening

Joan Aleshire
Debra Allbery
David Baker
Maud Casey
Christopher Castellani
Stacey D’Erasmo
Stephen Dobyns
Judy Doenges
Brooks Haxton
C.J. Hribal
Dana Levin
James Longenbach
Heather McHugh
Kevin McIlvoy
Susan Neville
Peter Schwartz
Peter Turchi
Ellen Bryant Voigt
C. Dale Young

Josh Billings
Tua Chaudhuri
Christine Fadden
Liz Gray
Lisa Hadley
Rachel Howard
Regan Huff
Annie Kim
Tommy Kim
Billy Lombardo
Chloe Martinez
Ginger Murchison
Lenore Myka
Matthew Olzmann
Seth Pollins
Michael Puican
Patricia Sanders
Matthew Specktor
Mary Jo Thompson
Nicale Trigg
Gabrielle Viethan
Cathleen Williams



Stephen Dobyns: Context and Causality
Jennifer Grotz: An Anxiety of Influence for Girls
Brooks Haxton: Wheres and Wherefores
Tony Hoagland: Associative and Disassociative Only Look Alike
James Longenbach: Poet Amplitude
Heather McHugh: Zoom Control
Kevin McIlvoy: ”I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold”: Thoughts on Discovering Opportunities for Imminence
Alexander Parsons: Syntax in the Novel: Hidden Narrative Structures
Dominic Smith: Varieties of Movement: Plot and Beyond in Fiction
Sarah Stone: Self-Awareness and Self-Deception: Beyond the Unreliable Narrator
Peter Turchi: Archimedes’ Problem, and Three Solutions
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Double Vision
Eleanor Wilner: The Revolving Door of the Imagination: Becoming Otherwise or Becoming Otherwise: The Revolving Door of the Imagination


Gabrielle Calvocoressi: When I Say “I”: Masks, Monologues, and the Prickly Poetics of Persona
Victor LaValle: The Forgotten Art of Plot
Michael Parker: Narrative Tease, or the Rhythm of Desire
Frederick Reiken: Time, Space, and the Quantum Nature of Fictional Reality
Martha Rhodes: Tone and Tonal Shifts


Michael Parker, Jennifer Grotz, Sarah Stone, Tony Hoagland, Debra Allbery
Victor LaValle, James Longenbach, Dominic Smith, Heather McHugh
Maurice Manning, Karen Brennan, Ellen Bryant Voigt, David Shields
Brooks Haxton, Debra Spark, Eleanor Wilner, Megan Staffel
Alexander Parsons, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Frederick Reiken, Stephen Dobyns
Rick Barot, Kevin McIlvoy, Martha Rhodes, Peter Turchi, C. Dale Young
Maryse Meijer, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Irene Svete, Angela Torres, Alexander Tilney
Nick Fox, Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Helen Hooper, Lucy Tobin, Vicky Mlyniec


Charles Baxter: Regarding Happiness
Stacey D’Erasmo: Love Among the Ruins
Stephen Dobyns: Linebreaks
Grace Dan Mazur: Forbidden Looking
Peter Turchi: “If it makes you happy, why the hell are you so sad?”

Liam Callanan: For Openers: The Use of Rhythm, Diction, Character and Conflict in Strong Starts
Gabrielle Calvocoressi: Bodies Receding, Rejoicing and in Repose: Some Thoughts on the “Embodied” Poem
Christopher Castellani: Words on Trial
Reginald Gibbons: The Apophatic in Poetry
David Haynes: It Wasn’t Me, It was Her: The Agenda of First Person Narrators
Laura Hendrie: Can We Talk: Ten Conundrums of Dialogue
C.J. Hribal: Vision and Revision: The Discussion
Murad Kalam: Everybody Says I Love You
Laila Lalami: The Language of Fiction in a Globalized World
Susan Neville: Stranger Than
Alix Ohlin: Time Travel in Fiction: Where are you going, where have you been?
Steve Orlen: Orlen’s Formula for Writing an Annotation
Alan Shapiro: Repetition and Variation in Sound and Sense
Daniel Tobin: Seamus Heaney’s North

• Robert Cohen, Mary Leader, Laila Lalami, Daniel Tobin, Kevin McIlvoy
• Stacey D’Erasmo, Reginald Gibbons, Laura Hendrie, Martha Rhodes, C.J. Hribal
• Charles D’Ambrosio, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Murad Kalam, C. Dale Young, Susan Neville
• Grace Dane Mazur, Rick Barot, Peter Turchi, Stephen Dobyns
• Heather McHugh, Charles Baxter, Steven Orlen, David Haynes, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Laurie Capps, Brian Furuness, Layla Carroll, Sarah Grano, Abby Wender, Frederick Weihe
• Lauren Alway, Timothy Cook, Ann Knol, Vicki Murray, Lili Flanders, Ross White
• Maudelle Driskell, Christopher Causey, Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli, Janet Crossen, Judith Westley, Krystn Lee
• Graduation Ceremonies


Betty Adcock: Questions and Revisions and All That Jazz
Debra Allbery: When Light Went Forth Looking for the Eye: A Meditation on the Contemporary Ekphrastic Poem
Wilton Barnhardt: Don’t Take That Tone With Me
Maud Casey: It’s a Wooden Leg First: Paying Narrative Attention to the Literal Level of the Story in Order to Achieve the Figurative
Jennifer Grotz The Pathetic Fallacy
C.J. Hribal Vision and (Re)vision
A. Van Jordan: Synchronicity of Senses
Heather McHugh: Matters of Letters
Dominic Smith: The Literature of Delusion – Approaches to Madness and Mania in Fiction
Debra Spark: New Wave Fabulism

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: Lush Life: The Use of Repetition in Whitman and Hopkins’ Ruptures Pastorals
Anthony Doerr: Defamiliarization: Ugly Word, Beautiful Idea
Michael Martone: Lizard, Lizard, Lizard, Lizard. There’s nothing wrong with it if you say it enough times.
Steve Orlen: How Poems End (& Why They Have To) OR How Do Poems Proceed to Their Endings?
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Tonal Structure

• C.J. Hribal, Debra Allbery, Debra Spark, Steve Orlen
• David Haynes, Betty Adcock, Victor LaValle, Heather McHugh
• Allison Paige, Justin Bigos, Sunil Rao, Scott Challener
• Sara Bauer, Kande Culver, J.J. Penna, Tom McHenry, Mark Prudowsky
• Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Megan Staffel, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Pete Turchi
• Wilton Barnhardt, Jennifer Grotz, Maud Casey, Maurice Manning
• Amy Cloud, Kira Obolensky, Henry Kearney, Matthew Simmons, Maeve Kinkead
• Graduation Ceremonies


David Baker: Daring, Drama, and Melodrama
Adria Bernardi: Half-Day: The Nearly Unbearable Suspension
Karen Brennan: Beyond Accessibility
Stephen Dobyns: The Origin of Metaphor
Brooks Haxton: Cliché
Laura Hendrie: How to Make Larger-Than-Life Live
C.J. Hribal: Comic and Cosmic Distance
Frederick Reiken: The Legacy of Anton Chekhov
Mary Ruefle: On Secrets: Eight Beginnings, Two Ends
Peter Turchi: Puzzles, Mysteries, and other Problems; Or Chekhov, Kasparov, Howard Garns, and You; Or The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: To See What It Was I Was: Jarrell, Merrill and the Intricate Business of Memory
Murad Kalam: Using Dramatic Monologue in the First-Person Novel
Thomas Mallon: Real Lives: Putting Actual People--Dead and Alive, Famous and Obscure--into Fiction
Alan Williamson: James Wright’s Two Citizens
Dean Young: The Primitive

July 5: C. Dale Young, Laura Hendrie, Murad Kalam, Mary Ruefle
July 6: Thomas Mallon, James Longenbach, Erin McGraw, Heather McHugh
July 7: Elizabeth Arnold, Pablo Medina, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, David Shields, David Baker
July 8: Stephen Dobyns, Adria Bernardi, Brooks Haxton, Grace Dane Mazur
July 9: C.J. Hribal, Joan Aleshire, David Haynes, Alan Williamson, T.M. McNally
July 11: Karen Brennan, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Frederick Reiken, Dean Young, Peter Turchi
July 12: Jean Hallingstad, Larissa Amir, Heather Maki, Edward Porter, Leslie Shipman
July 13: Natalie Baszile, Daniel Harris, Majka Burhardt, Karen Llagas, Janet Thornburg
July 14: Kathy Nguyen, Katie Bowler, Suzanne Wilsey, Ann Stanford
July 14: Graduation Ceremony


Rick Barot: The First Herbert
Adria Bernardi: The China Night-Light and the Bottle-Tree: Visual Image and Noise in Eudora Welty
Marianne Boruch: Is & Was
Jennifer Grotz: Flung Speech
Brooks Haxton: Else Lasker-Schüler
Kevin McIlvoy: Making, Masking, and Unmasking “God” in Fiction
Debra Spark: Size Matters
Eleanor Wilner: Like a piece of ice on a hot stove, a poem must ride on its own melting....

Debra Allbery: Translation: An Appreciation
Robert Boswell: On Omniscience
Maud Casey: Imagery in Fiction
Stacey D’Erasmo: The Composition of Character
Percival Everett: On the (Im)possibility of Experimental Fiction
Tony Hoagland: Compression: How Much Baking Soda and Confetti Can I Get Into This Soup Can?
Maurice Manning: Odes, Prodigals, and Pyres: Dark Matter & Resurrection
Steve Orlen: The Structuring of Memory
Alexander Parsons: Artic Exploration and How to Love It: Landscape in Fiction
Danzy Senna: Fictive Distance
Peter Turchi: Parting the Curtain

Jan 3: Maud Casey, Debra Allbery, Alexander Parsons, Eleanor Wilner
Jan 4: Stacey D’Erasmo, Mark Jarman, Percival Everett
Jan 6: Victor LaValle, Betty Adcock, Megan Staffel, Steve Orlen
Jan 7: Rick Barot, Adria Bernardi, Marianne Boruch, Robert Boswell
Jan 9: Charles D’Ambrosio, Tony Hoagland, David Haynes, Ellen Bryant Voigt
Jan 10: Maurice Manning, Debra Spark, Martha Rhodes, Peter Turchi
Jan 11: Leslie Blanco, Thad Logan, Anna Clark, Kathy Alma Peterson, Jason Githens
Jan 12: Jeneva Stone, Catherine Brown, Cate Williamson, Bora Reed
Jan 12: Graduation Ceremonies


Charles Baxter: Sonia’s Last Speech
Robert Cohen: Emblem, Essence, Naming, and its Discontents
Stuart Dischell: State of Alert
Brooks Haxton: Schrodinger’s Cat
Grace Dane Mazur: The Hinges of Hell
Kevin McIlvoy: Laughter and the Laws of Nature
TM McNally: Lyrical Fiction
Alan Williamson: A Forgotten Modernist: St. John Perse

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: The Poem Beneath The Poem: Some Thoughts on Haunting and (Re)vision
C.J. Hribal: Don’t Start Me to Talkin’: Occluded Narratives
A. Van Jordan: Developing Tone by Charting Potential and Kinetic Energy
Thomas Lux: Dreamsong
Megan Staffel: The Floating World
Peter Turchi: Analyze That

July 5: Maristead, Dichell, McNally, Calvocoressi, Wagman
July 6: Barrett, Lux, Schwartz, CD Young, Staffel
July 7: Cohen, McHugh, Mazur, D Young, McIlvoy
July 8: Doenges, Gibbons, Haynes, Haxton, Williamson
July 9: Aleshire, Baxter, Jordan, Hribal, Voigt, Turchi
July 11: Cobbs, Bahr, Fay, Yarbro, Gitterman
July 12: Brahic, Krell Haukaas, Reeves, Martin
July 13: Janson, Arieff, Rembold, Tynan, Rose
July 14: Anderson, Belnap, Gaines, Bingham, Henderson
July 14: Graduation Ceremonies


Wilton Barnhardt: Folks Aesthetics
Rick Barot: Poems and the Impure
Adria Bernardi: Narrative Distance and the Visual Image and Hemingway: Getting Right with Papa or Side by Side and the Ballgame
Marianne Boruch: Heavy Lifting
Justin Cronin: “Baby, It's Yu": Einstein, Jung, One Really Awful Dream, and the Problem of Meaning in Fiction
Mark Jarman: To Make the Final Unity: Metaphor's Matter and Spirit
Maurice Manning: Defending Poetry
Susan Neville: Barometric Pressure (or How Climate--Primarily Meteorological But at Times Cultural--Puts Pressure on Characters and Advances Story)
Debra Spark: And Then What Happened
Pimone Triplett: Something More on the Sublime
Eleanor Wilner: “How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea...?" Poetry in an Age of War, Atrocity and Censorship

Elizabeth Arnold: Lyricism in Canto 2
Jennifer Grotz: Zbigniew Herbert's Stratagems and Crimes
Brooks Haxton: Lyric Voice: Wyatt and Jonson
Pagan Kennedy: Hooking the Reader
Steve Orlen: Off Your Meds: The Manic Joys of Obsessive Repetition or The Overly-Textured Free-Verse Poem or The Heart-Beat & The Heart-Attack
Peter Turchi: Analyze This (tape only)
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Analyze This

Jan 2: Jennifer Grotz, Jane Hamilton, Maurice Manning
Jan 3: Justin Cronin, Pimone Triplett, Pagan Kennedy
Jan 5: Elizabeth Arnold, Debra Spark, Mark Jarman
Jan 6: Marianne Boruch, Peter Turchi, Mary Leader
Jan 7: The World's Fastest Readings" at Malaprop's: Arnold, Barot, Bernardi, Boruch, Brennan, Cronin, Hribal, Manning, Nelson, Neville, Orlen, Turchi
Jan 8: Rick Barot, Wilton Barnhardt, Karen Brennan, Antonya Nelson, Eleanor Wilner
Jan 9: Brooks Haxton, C.J. Hribal, Martha Rhodes, Kevin McIlvoy, Ellen Bryant Voigt
Jan 10: Scott Gould, Sandra Nadazdin, Tatjana Soli, Rosalynde Vas D
Jan 10: Louise Aronson, Ben Jackson, Julie Benesh, Eric Johnson
Jan 10: Graduation Ceremonies


Stephen Dobyns: Sense Data
Judy Doenges: The 'Secret Communion'
Reginald Gibbons: How to Use Hélène Cixous
James Longenbach: Purity, Stillness, Restraint
Grace Dane Mazur: The Whistling Roar or: World of Fiction and the Land of the Dead
Kevin McIlvoy: The 'Something There' Sensation: Learning from the Work of Anais Nin
Peter Turchi: Glimpsed in Twilight: Unresolved Characterization
C. Dale Young: Anatomy of the Contemporary Elegy

Joan Aleshire: Found in Translation?
Robert Boswell: Process & Paradigm
Lan Samantha Chang: Unfold
Charles D'Ambrosio: Dialogue on Dialogue
Victor LaValle: Whatever happened to the 3rd Person?
Megan Staffel: Inside/Outside or What We Can Learn from Aristotle
Dean Young: Surrealism

June 30: Michael Collier, Judy Doenges, C. Dale Young, Grace Dane Mazur, Dean Young
July 1: Stephen Dobyns, Charles D'Ambrosio, Dana Levin, Victor LaValle, Heather McHugh
July 2: C.J. Hribal, Brooks Haxton, Megan Staffel, Martha Rhodes, Peter Turchi
July 3: Joan Aleshire, Adria Bernardi, Reginald Gibbons, Robert Boswell, Alan Williamson
July 4: Lan Samantha Chang, James Longenbach, David Haynes, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Kevin McIlvoy
July 6: Robin Black, Victoria Chang, Mindy Friddle, Heather Faller, Michael Henriques
July 7: Kathleen Lee, Justin Gardiner, Natalie Serber, Wendell Hawken, Agica Zivaljevic
July 8: Megan Gillespie, Robert Oldshue, Elizabeth Green, Eve Schaenen, Twilight Greenaway
July 8: Graduation Ceremonies


Adria Bernardi: Spandrels, Spark, and a Leap over the Tombstone: A discussion of (sift) connections and (unexpected) associations made outside chronological sequence
Linda Gregerson: Poetic Embodiment
Michael Martone: Homer on Homer or A Bunch of Stuff That Happened (or What Is a Story When It Is Not A Story)

Karen Brennan: The Sentence
Mark Jarman: Patterns of Repetition and the Story of a Feeling
Van Jordan: The Hyper-reality of the Harlem Renaissance and the Surreal Translation
Roger King: The Attractions of Danger
Mary Leader: Revision Using Form
Christopher McIlroy: Felicity in Economy
Steve Orlen: Orlen's Formula for Writing an Annotation

Jan 5: Betty Adcock, Adria Bernardi, Rick Barot, Michael Martone
Jan 6: David Haynes, Marianne Boruch, Susan Neville, Tony Hoagland
Jan 8: Karen Brennan, Wilton Barnhardt, Martha Rhodes, Peter Turchi
Jan 9: Addie Tsai, Cole Thompson, Jim Zukowski
Jan 10: Maggie Maurer, Meghan O'Rourke, Mary-Sherman Willis, Karen Olsson
Jan 11: Christine Casson, Sarah Wareck, Colleen Reader
Jan 11: Graduation Ceremonies


Tracy Daugherty: A Pigeon Coop, A Crystal Palace: On Philosophy and Fiction"
Stephen Dobyns: The Syllable in Love and War
Matthea Harvey: Imaginary Worlds
Brooks Haxton: Rhythmic Plot
Laura Kasischke: Smiling, and Recognizing, and Going Dark
Debra Spark: Stand Back
Peter Turchi: Travels with Charlie, Part 2; or, Hiding the Elephant; or, I Am the Walrus (Goo Goo Ga Joob)

Elizabeth Arnold: George Oppen and Lorine Niedecker: Some Short Lyrics
Karen Brennan: Is it Poetry? Is it Prose? Does it Matter
Charles D’Ambrosio: The Power of Not Knowing
Reginald Gibbons: Prosody Traditional and Contemporary
Thomas Lux: The Lost Son
Megan Staffel: Should It Sing and Dance Too?
Larry Watson: Belief, Authority, and Voice, or Why Your Editor is Wrong to Ask You to Cut the Glovemaking Section

July 1: Charles D’Ambrosio, Megan Staffel, Elizabeth Arnold, Larry Watson
July 2: Matthea Harvey, Kevin McIlvoy, Martha Rhodes, Peter Turchi, Thomas Lux
July 3: Joan Aleshire, Laura Kasischke, Stephen Dobyns, Debra Spark, Ellen Bryant Voigt
July 4: Karen Brennan, Brooks Haxton, David Haynes, Heather McHugh, C.J. Hribal
July 5: Reginald Gibbons, Lan Samantha Chang, Alan Williamson, Tracy Daugherty, Eleanor Wilner
July 7: Jesse Lichtenstein, Genanne Walsh, Ethna McKiernan, Jim Walker
July 8: Colleen Abel, Heather McElhatton, Sally Molini, Margaret Serich
July 9: Mary Lou Buschi, Karen Fein, Peg Cronin, Sonya Hess, Rachel Webster
July 10: Erin Stalcup, Daniel Johnson, Jim Zervanos, Bliss Morehead
July 10: Graduation Ceremonies


Betty Adcock: Imperfect Wonders: A Look at Some Poems by James Dickey
David Baker: The Figure of Grief
Robert Cohen: Rants, or The Piano Has Been Drinking
Carl Dennis: The Great and the Small
Barbara Ras: The Geography of a Poem
Frederick Reiken: What is 'True'? Thoughts on Fictional 'Truth,' Unconscious Metaphor, and Celery
Peter Turchi: Travels with Charlie
Eleanor Wilner: Elsewhere: Topographies of the Imagination

Wilton Barnhardt: Current Affairs
Rick Barot: Chaos and Limit
Adria Bernardi: Going through the Motions: A Discussion of Gesture
Daisy Fried: Defying the King of Hearts: Digression and Narrative in Some Recent Poems
Judith Grossman: Writers in Training: The Diaries of Franz Kafka & Virginia Woolf
Van Jordan: Architecture and Narrative
Victor LaValle: This Guy Fell from the Sky, Now What Do I Do with Him?
Thomas Lux: Hart Crane's The Bridge
Martha Rhodes: Markers

Jan. 3: Rick Barot, Daisy Fried, Victor LaValle, Barbara Ras
Jan. 4: Adria Bernardi, Robert Cohen, A. Van Jordan, Thomas Lux
Jan. 5: Karen Brennan, David Baker, Judy Doenges, Stephen Dobyns
Jan. 6: (Part I) Carl Dennis, Wilton Barnhardt
Jan. 6: (Part II) Steve Orlen, Frederick Reiken
Jan. 7: Martha Rhodes, Susan Neville, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Peter Turchi
Jan. 9: Betty Adcock, Judith Grossman, Marianne Boruch, C.J. Hribal, Eleanor Wilner
Jan. 10: Lynne Carstarphen, Daniel Becker, David Peterson
Jan. 11: Amelia Cox, John Fried, Danielle Svetcov
Jan. 12: Pollyanne Power, David Ruekberg, Kaitlin Thomas


Charles Baxter: Great Faces
Tony Hoagland: Diffidence, the Erosion of Tone, and Apollinaire
Laura Kasischke: What Doesn't Kill You
Dana Levin: Necessity: Style, Originality, and Invention
James Longenbach: The Spokenness of Poetry
Jim Shepard: Structure Where You Least Expect It
Debra Spark: Speaking of Style

Joan Aleshire: The Varieties of Rhetoric
Robert Boswell: The Half-Known World
Reginald Gibbons: Why Are There Cows in the Garden of Eden?: On Poetic Logic
Kevin McIlvoy: The Human Voice, Singular and Plural
Steven Schwartz: In Defense of Contrivance
Pimone Triplett: The Hybrid Model, or Gradually Getting There Kind of Fast--Lyric Pacing in the Longer Poem
Alan Williamson: Cynicism
Dean Young: Against Reduction
Bookshop Panel

July 3: Pimone Triplett, Peter Turchi, Alan Williamson
July 4: Steven Schwartz, Stuart Dischell, Debra Spark
July 5: David Haynes, Susan Wood, Jim Shepard
July 6: Reginald Gibbons, Andrea Barrett, Dana Levin
July 7: James Logenbach, Lan Samantha Chang, Steve Orlen
July 9: Charles Baxter, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Robert Boswell
July 10: Joan Aleshire, Laura Kasischke, Tony Hoagland, Kevin McIlvoy, Dean Young
July 11: Rick Bursky, Angela Rydell, Willa Rabinovitch, Rynn Williams
July 12: Zack Finch, Elizabeth Eslami, Adam Halbur, Amy McNamara

"Shape Is Made by Exclusion" dance mix ($2)


Marianne Boruch: The Cult of Development
Karen Brennan: Place as (Psychic) Space
Carl Dennis: Rhetoric and Narrative
Peter Turchi: Blanks (Silences)
Ellen Bryant Voigt: The Transparent Prose Style of William Maxwell (available as written transcript only -- $4.00)
Eleanor Wilner: Not in Our Name

Adria Bernardi: Listing, Layering, and Word Heaps: A Discussion of Accumulation
Roger Fanning: Footwork and Firework: Les Murray's Emphatic Repetitions
Judith Grossman: Stories, and Really Creative Accounting
Terrance Hayes: The Poet in Chehaw Station
David Haynes: Sven! Without your dashiki I hardly recognized you!
C.J. Hribal: Know-It-All Narrators: Milan Kundera and the Novel of Ideas
Pablo Medina: The Angle of the Poet: A Discussion Class on C. P. Cavafy
Antonya Nelson: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber Pussy-Whipped
Steve Orlen: The Short Poem & Why I Hated It Until I Had an Epiphany
Frederick Reiken: Autobiographical Novels: Considerations of Psychic Distance and the Problem of the 'Author-Narrator-Character Merge'
Martha Rhodes: An Intimate Moment

• Pablo Medina, Frederick Reiken
• Martha Rhodes, Antonya Nelson
• Marianne Boruch, Karen Brennan, Steve Orlen, Peter Turchi
• Carl Dennis, David Haynes
• Heather McHugh, Richard Russo
• Roger Fanning, C.J. Hribal, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Janet Peery, Eleanor Wilner
• Andrea Lucard, Randall Couch, Rebecca Winterer
• Lee Strickland, Michael Collins, Lyndane Yang
• Barbara Bowen, Rebecca Friedman, Tracy Hyland, Cynthia Phoel
• Hillary Nelson, Patrick Donnelly, Sandy Tanaka


Robert Boswell: The Alternate Universe
Chris Forhan: What Happens When I Say 'I'
Laura Kasischke: How Should I Live?
Pablo Medina: Don Quixote and Huckleberry Finn: Partners in Crime
Debra Spark: Cheer Up--Why don't you?
Peter Turchi: A rigorous Geometry; or, Erathosthenes, Kundera, and You
Ellen Bryant Voigt: More on Syntax

Joan Aleshire: Anna Akhmatova: The Art of Autobiography
Wilton Barnhardt: Elegy
Lan Samantha Chang: What Comes Next? An examination of sequencing in two short stories
Richard Chess: Rewriting the Bible
Michael Collier: The Look of Things
Reginald Gibbons: How Sophokles Makes a Poem
Judith Grossman: The Language of the Night, or, Realism & Its Discontents
David Haynes: A Fiasco in the Making: The Comic Novel
C. J. Hribal: The Art of Lying
Dana Levin: Poetry and Post-Modernism: Cool Tools, Deep Suspicions
Steve Orlen: Revision Panel
Elizabeth Strout: Authority
Dean Young: Ecstatic Subjectivity

• Richard Chess, Elizabeth Strout, Michael Collier, Marly Swick, Dana Levin
• Lan Samantha Chang, Steve Orlen, Debra Spark, Dean Young
• Chris Forhan, David Haynes, Laura Kasischke, Peter Turchi
• Joan Aleshire, Robert Boswell, Reginald Gibbons, Pablo Medina
• Wilton Barnhardt, Marianne Boruch, Judith Grossman, Ellen Bryant Voigt, C. J. Hribal
• Adrian Blevins, Champa Bilwakesh, Gary Lilley, Allison McKittrick, Sara Rivara
• Diana Collins, Elizabeth Pilchik, Beth Ferris, Tim Weed
• Lisa Croneberg, Jay Ponteri, Elizabeth Miranda, Wm. Vandoren Wheeler
• Valerie Bandura, Eliza Harding, Joanne Hayhurst, Tracy Winn, Patrick Martin
• Steve Simoncic, Diane Holland, Ami Walsh, Ian Wilson
• Graduation Ceremonies


Tracy Daugherty: Joan Didion's Changing Sense of Narrative
Carl Dennis: Generosity
Roger Fanning: Animal Poems
Ehud Havazelet: An Examination of Gimmickry
James Longenbach: The End of the Line
Peter Turchi: Theatre of the World
Eleanor Wilner: Vibrant Disturbances as Form and Message in Poetry and Nature

Wilton Barnhardt: Sensibility
Robert Cohen: The Sentence
Judy Doenges: Literary Emotion
Matthea Harvey: Recipes, License Plates & Greased Pigs
Brooks Haxton: Yeats' Stanza Logic
David Haynes: Character and Image across Race, Class and Culture
Tony Hoagland: Mixing Texture in Your Poetry Ensemble
Kevin McIlvoy: Of No Benefit
Susan Neville: Time
Martha Rhodes: Radical Revision
Chuck Wachtel: Keeping Yes and No Unsplit
Renate Wood Submerged: The Speaker without the Personal Pronoun

• James Longenbach, Judy Doenges, Susan Wood, Kevin McIlvoy
• Matthea Harvey, Tracy Daugherty, Martha Rhodes, Chuck Wachtel
• Rob Cohen, Carl Dennis, Ehud Havazelet, Roger Fanning
• Stuart Dischell, Susan Neville, Brooks Haxton, Peter Turchi
• Tony Hoagland, Wilton Barnhardt, Eleanor Wilner, David Haynes, Renate Wood
• Frances Sjoberg, Kim Ponders, Paula Szuchman, Robert Thomas
• Mary Jean Babic, George Higgins, Katherine Bratkowski
• Michele Carroll, Catherine Barnett, Paula Yoo
• Shauna Hannibal, Matt Hart, Dave Rutschman, Amanda Schaffer
• Graduation Ceremonies


Joan Aleshire: The Miner's Lamp
Charles Baxter: Learning From Playwrights
Marianne Boruch: Poets in Cars
Karen Brennan: Finding the Groove
Robert Cohen: The Uncertainty Principle
B.H. Fairchild: An Autobiographical Poetics
Chris Forhan: A Careful Disorderliness: Being Not Quite In Control of Your Poem
Roy Jacobstein: Poetry of Witness
Heather McHugh: One Moment Now Wordsworthian Swoop and Swoon
Antonya Nelson: My Hero
Tom Paine: The Model Epiphany
Jim Shepard: The Unexpected (and Usually Ignored) Ubiquitousness of Class
Debra Spark: Hot Ice
Dean Young: John Ashbery

Kim Edwards: Invention and Intention
Reginald Gibbons: Prosody (Double Session)
David Haynes: Building the Less than Perfect Beast: Taxonomy of the Narrative Strategies of Contemporary Novels
C.J. Hribal: Lateral Moves
Laura Kasischke: Whose Muse are You? The Sources of Poetry and How to Locate Them
Kevin McIlvoy: Workshop Discussion of the Novel Fragment
Steve Orlen: If it Doesn't Have a Tail, Is It Still a Horse? A Seminar on the Contemporary Personal Narrative
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Syntax, Part III

• Joan Aleshire, Charles Baxter, Marianne Boruch, C.J. Hribal, Dean Young, Kevin McIlvoy
• Karen Brennan, David Haynes, Steve Orlen, Antonya Nelson
• Reginald Gibbons, Robert Cohen, Laura Kasischke, Jim Shepard
• Kim Edwards, B.H. Fairchild, Tom Paine, Heather McHugh
• Chris Forhan, Debra Spark, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Peter Turchi
• Kathryn Liebowitz, Laura Cherry, Steve Mitchel, Rasheena Taub, Telisha Moore
• Michael Eastman, Rachel Flynn, Diana Lambert, Roy Jacobstein, Vyvyane Loh
• Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Jeremy Jones, Jannett Highfill, Laura Tupper


Betty Adcock: Retrievals
Tom Andrews: Is Disinteredness Possible?
David Baker: Ecstasy and Irony
Linda Gregerson: Elegy
Ehud Havazelet: Hero Worship: An Agnostic's Notes
Peter Turchi: Twice-Told Tales

Wilton Barnhardt: Politics
Andrea Barrett: The Wide View
Stuart Dischell: Asked and Answered?
Judith Grossman: Writing the First Novel
C.J. Hribal: I've Been Framed
Margot Livesey: And Thereby Hangs...
Christopher McIlroy: Paul Bowles and the Literature of the Other
Susan Neville: What Flannery O'Connor Learned from Caroline Gordon
Steve Orlen: Non-Identical Twins: A Study of Influence & Similarity, Lineage & Pedigree
Joan Silber: Leaping out of Categories
Daniel Tobin: Ancient Salt, American Grains
Ellen Voigt: Syntax, Part II Part One of Two
Dean Young: Who's There?

• Andrea Barrett, Steve Orlen, Ehud Havazelet
• David Baker, Joan Silber, Daniel Tobin
• Judith Grossman, Stuart Dischell, CJ Hribal, Ellen Voigt
• Margot Livesey, Linda Gregerson, Christopher McIlroy, Dean Young
• Susan Neville, Betty Adcock, Peter Turchi
• Tom Andrews, Wilton Barnhardt, Roger Fanning, Kevin McIlvoy, Renate Wood
• Diane Fisher, Alisa Slaughter, Angela Shannon
• Joe Myer, Danielle D'Ottavio Harned, Mary Jane Nealon
• Linda Elkin, Wendy Marston, Emily Wheeler
• Graduation Ceremonies


Joan Aleshire: Larry Levis' 'The Perfection of Solitude'
Wilton Barnhardt: To the Manner Born...
Marianne Boruch: Poetry's Over and Over
Tracy Daugherty: What We Learn from Buildings
Tony Hoagland: Obsession & the Creative Wound
Laura Kasischke: Stepping into the Poem
Heather McHugh: In Praise of Pain
David Shields: In Praise of Blurredness
Debra Spark: Cry, Cry, Cry: Handling Emotion in Fiction
Eleanor Wilner: The Mutable Magnitudes of Metaphor

Samantha Chang: Beyond the Narrator's Eye
Brooks Haxton: The Poetry of Victor Hugo
David Haynes: Forgive Us Our Trespasses: Writing Along the Borderlines
Mary Leader: Camera Lucida
Tom Paine: Prometheus Returns from Hollywood
Kai Maristed: Rilke, Reinvention, and the Enduring Vitality of Letters to a Young Poet
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Pattern and Variation: Some Syntactical Strategies" Part One (includes handout)

• “The Widening Spell of the Leaves," a poem by Larry Levis (various readers)
• Chris Forhan, Tom Paine, Laura Kasischke
• David Haynes, Joan Aleshire, Kai Maristed, Mary Leader
• Marianne Boruch, Wilton Barnhardt, Ellen Voigt, Peter Turchi, Eleanor Wilner
• Samantha Chang, Tony Hoagland, David Shields, Heather McHugh
• Tracy Daugherty, Brooks Haxton, Debra Spark, Anne Winters
• Analisa Lee, Annie MacConnel, Emily Schaeffer, Suzanne Segal
• Laurie Baker, Dale Gill, Heidy Steidlmayer
• Marjorie Hudson, Kathleen Jesme, Dana Huebler, Constance Merritt
• Veronica Patterson, Justin Smith, Rhonda Rieseberg, Shari Smith


Betty Adcock: The Double Axe of Robinson Jeffers
Debra Allbery: Lives of the Artists: Line, landscape and the poet's calling in the work of Charles Wright
Wilton Barnhardt: First Person
Brian Bouldrey: Tell, Don't Show
Karen Brennan: Fiction as Vision
Carl Dennis: Using Myth
Pablo Medina: Rulfo Reconsidered
Renate Wood: Love for the Unknown: Two Strategies in W.S. Merwin's Work
Carl Phillips: Confession, and the Model of George Herbert
Jim Shepard: I Know Myself Real Well. That's the Problem

David Baker: Line, Form, and Meaning
Andrea Barrett: Telling Time
Stuart Dischell: Effects and Techniques
Roger Fanning: Richard Hugo
Judith Grossman: Working with Dialogue
Antonya Nelson: Newfangled or Business as Usual?
Steven Schwartz: Characters at Work
Daniel Tobin: Intensity

-Betty Adcock, Brian Bouldrey, David Baker, Steven Schwartz
-Debra Allbery, Andrea Barrett, Daniel Tobin, Wilton Barnhardt
-Joan Aleshire, Stuart Dischell, Peter Turchi, Carl Phillips, Ellen Voigt
-Judith Grossman, Carl Dennis, Pablo Medina, Renate Wood
-Karen Brennan, Antonya Nelson, Roger Fanning, Jim Shepard
-Alison Greene, Amy Bottke, Eva McCollaum, Greg Rappleye
-Joan Moore, Audrey Levin, Kate ten Haken
-Natalie Harris, Ann Humphreys, John Zic, Gretchen Melancon
-Nathan Pritts, Emily Pease, Kristin Vander Wilt
-Graduation Ceremonies


Joan Aleshire: The Patience of Proust
Brooks Haxton: Candor and Wisdom
Tony Hoagland: Metaphor
Eleanor Wilner: ..and the lion lie down with the lamb..

Robert Boswell: Hard-Boiled, a fiction class
Michael Collier: Influences and Affinities
Tracy Daugherty: Visual into Verbal: Ekphrasis in Donald Barthelme's Fiction
Kim Edwards: On Language and Narrative Form
Judith Grossman: On Don DeLillo's White Noise
C.J. Hribal: Voice and Structure
Mary Leader: Experimental Writing
Kai Maristed: The Vision Thing (or, why some Presidents don't write fiction)
Claire Messud: This, too, is a novel--isn't it?
Steve Orlen: What’s This Trout Doing in my Poem? Or, How to Expand from the Minimal and Tell the Universe's Biggest Secrets
Tom Sleigh: The Fascination of What's Difficult" Part One of Two
Chase Twichell: The Difference Between Structure and Form
Chuck Wachtel: False Documents
Dean Young: Poetry as Hoax

• Joan Aleshire, Judith Grossman, Brooks Haxton, C.J. Hribal, Ellen Voigt, Eleanor Wilner
• Kim Edwards, Kathleen Peirce, David Haynes, Dean Young
• Michael Collier, Claire Messud, Steve Orlen, Chuck Wachtel
• Tony Hoagland, Robert Boswell, Mary Leader, Peter Turchi
• Tracy Daugherty, Tom Sleigh, Kai Maristed, Chase Twichell
• Michael Simon, Robert Wilder, Dianne Stepp
• Rodney Jack, Franklin Tate, Barbara Lau, David Yetter
• Sue Crannell, Ven Begamudre, Diane Kerr, David Prather
• Graduation Ceremonies


Reginald Gibbons: In the Silence of the Night: On Unconscious Deliberateness
Margot Livesey: The Hidden Machines
Debra Spark: Aspects of the (Short) Novel
Ellen Bryant Voigt: The Adjective
Renate Wood: Sensibility and the End of Pure Reason

Karen Brennan: Genre-Bending in Carole Maso's The Art Lover
Roger Fanning: Assonance
C.J. Hribal: Slinkies, Yo-Yos, Hula Hoops and Frisbees: Notes on the Teller and the Tale
Christopher McIlroy: In Praise of Ideas
Kevin McIlvoy: The Omniscient Voice
Antonya Nelson: Narrative Strategy: The Joke
Lucia Perillo: Sob Stories and Heroin Chic: Confessional Poetry in the Age of Oprah
Carl Phillips: Association in Poetry
Claudia Rankine: Emily Dickinson and Her Progeny" Part One of Two
Claudia Rankine: Emily Dickinson and Her Progeny" Part Two of Two
Agha Shahid Ali: The Dramatic Monologue
Joan Silber: Giorgio Bassani's The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
Peter Turchi: On a Book Entitled Lolita
Jean Valentine: An Introduction to the Poetry of Eleanor Ross Taylor
Chuck Wachtel: Irony

• Carl Phillips, Ehud Havazelet, Jean Valentine, Debra Spark
• Joan Silber, Agha Shahid Ali, Chuck Wachtel, Roland Flint
• Karen Brennan, Antonya Nelson, Claudia Rankine, Peter Turchi, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Margot Livesey, Roger Fanning, Christopher McIlroy, Lucia Perillo
• Reginald Gibbons, C.J. Hribal, Anne Winters, Kevin McIlvoy, Renate Wood
• Annie Guthrie, Samantha Hunt, Kimberly McClintock, Genoa Shepley
• Eric Torskey, Cammy Thomas, Donna Gershten, Brian Blanchfield, Cindy Eppes
• Helena Fox, Tripp Hartigan, Margot Kadesch, Karen Kates
• Susan Kelly, Edison Jennings, Elizabeth Lutyens, Kathryn Schwille
• Graduation Ceremonies


Wilton Barnhardt: Risk
Anne Carson: Economy
Linda Gregerson: On Transparency
Judith Grossman: Thinking about the Reader
Mary Leader: These People Live Here
Heather McHugh: Nakedness in Numbers
Kevin McIlvoy: The Editor Comes Clean at Last, Part II
Claire Messud: Character in Context
Michael Ryan: Vocation According to Dickinson
Jim Shepard: Saying What They Mean: The Child's Sensibility in Fiction

Joan Aleshire: Ashbery: River & Rock" Part One of Two
Joan Aleshire: Ashbery: River & Rock" Part Two of Two
Andrea Barrett: Conveying Emotion through Description in First-Person Narration
Robert Boswell: James Baldwin's 'Sonny's Blues'
Stuart Dischell: As If We Had a Choice
B.H. Fairchild: "An Autobiographical Poetics"
David Haynes: What Happened, What 'Happened'
Marcie Hershman: Moral Architecture in the Stories of Bernard Malamud
Michael Martone: Bad Writing 101
Steve Orlen: The Craft Annotation: A Formulaic Approach
Debra Spark: Triggers in Fiction
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Stories Told and Enacted" Part One of Two
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Stories Told and Enacted" Part Two of Two
Alan Williamson: The Iambic Pentameter Line" Part One of Two
Alan Williamson: The Iambic Pentameter Line" Part Two of Two
Robert Wrigley: Not Making Sense of Music, But Music of Sense" Part One of Two
Robert Wrigley: Not Making Sense of Music, But Music of Sense" Part Two of Two

• Andrea Barrett, Michael Ryan, David Haynes, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Heather McHugh, Judith Grossman, Alan Williamson, Debra Spark
• Joan Aleshire, Kevin McIlvoy, Steve Orlen, Peter Turchi
• Marcie Hershman, Stuart Dischell, Claire Messud, Linda Gregerson
• Mary Leader, Michael Martone, Robert Wrigley, Jim Shepard
• Wilton Barnhardt, Anne Carson, Robert Boswell
• Judith Krause, Charlene Finn, Jeffrey Levine, V. Charles Shapira
• Judy French, Van Jordan, John Shapiro, Martha Zweig
• Ken Hart, Reid Mitchell, Melissa Hotchkiss
• Graduation Ceremonies


Agha Shahid Ali: A Darkly Defense of Dead White Males
Charles Baxter: Inflection and the Breath of Life
C.J. Hribal: Serious Whimsy
Eleanor Wilner: A Metastable Talk on Metamorphosis and Poetry

Joan Aleshire: Osip Mandestam" Part One of Two
Joan Aleshire: Osip Mandestam" Part Two of Two
Reginald Gibbons: Euripides' The Bacchae
Tony Hoagland: Deregulating Devices" Part One of Two
Tony Hoagland: Deregulating Devices" Part Two of Two
Kevin McIlvoy: How Time Flies
Pablo Medina: The Lyric Moment in Fiction
Antonya Nelson: Texturizing Your Test" Part One of Two
Antonya Nelson: Texturizing Your Test" Part Two of Two
Susan Neville: Where's Iago?
Steve Orlen: Adelia Prado
Carl Phillips: Identity
Claudia Rankine: Voice in Ashbery & Mullen
Steven Schwartz: Extremity
David Shields: Strategies of Literary Collage
Joan Silber: Dreiser's Sister Carrie
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Scene and Soliloquy" Part One of Two
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Scene and Soliloquy" Part Two of Two
Chuck Wachtel: The Ontology of the Sentence
Renate Wood: Sarah Kirsch

• Agha Shahid Ali, Reginald Gibbons, Chuck Wachtel, Pablo Medina
• Antonya Nelson, Tony Hoagland, Susan Neville, Steve Orlen
• Carl Phillips, Steven Schwartz, Anne Winters, David Shields
• Charles Baxter, Joan Aleshire, Kevin McIlvoy, Claudia Rankine, Joan Silber
• Ellen Bryant Voigt, C.J. Hribal, Eleanor Wilner, Peter Turchi, Renate Wood
• Carol Adinolfi, Katherine Florey, Hilary Mosher Buri, Richard Schmitt
• Colin Erickson, Laura Hope-Gill, Paul Michel, Jody Mahoney
• Katherine Barham, Jeffrey Hillard, David Wroblewski, Sue Oringel
• Richard Gabriel, Mary Engel, John Gribble, Kelly Malone, Carolyn West
• Graduation Ceremonies


Joan Aleshire: Whose Universe Is It, Anyway?
Tom Andrews: Via Negativa: Traveling in Contemporary Poetics
Wilton Barnhardt: The Sense of Place
Kevin McIlvoy: Truth Be Told
Ellen Bryant Voigt: The Flexible Lyric II
Eleanor Wilner: The Closeness of Distance, or Narcissus as Seen by the Lake
Renate Wood: Thoughts on Precision

Manette Ansay: Landscape Part One of Two
Manette Ansay: Landscape Part Two of Two
Judith Grossman: Authority Part One of Two
Judith Grossman: Authority Part Two of Two
Ehud Havazelet: Point of View
Brooks Haxton: Greeks
C.J. Hribal: Narrative Strategies
Thomas Lux: Berryman
Steve Orlen: Lineation
Michael Ryan: Looking Backward Part One of Two
Michael Ryan: Looking Backward Part Two of Two
Joan Silber: And Then?

• Manette Ansay, Tom Andrews, Judith Grossman
• Ehud Havazelet, Alan Williamson, C.J. Hribal
• Heather McHugh, David Haynes, Eleanor Wilner
• Joan Aleshire, Brooks Haxton, Kevin McIlvoy, Thomas Lux, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Joan Silber, Steve Orlen, Peter Turchi
• Wilton Barnhardt, Marianne Boruch, Chuck Wachtel, Michael Ryan
• Babo Kamel, Richard Lehnert, Virginia Rivard, Alex Pierce
• Sue Chenette, Jennifer Collia-Cassidy, Michael Thomas, Dawn Gilchrist-Young
• Susan Eisenberg, Elise Cannon, Suzanne Keyworth, Michael Mahone
• Tracy May Adair, Marian Szczepanski, Chris Matthews, Tania Rochelle
• Graduation Ceremonies


Carl Dennis: Mid-course Corrections
Tony Hoagland: Altitudes & Rhetoric
C. J. Hribal: Big Secrets of Writing
Richard Russo: Laugh? I Thought I'd Die: A Meditation on Humor
Dave Smith: Don't Hang That Bird Around My Neck: Some Ideas About the Poet and the Place of Responsibility
Peter Turchi: The Writer as Cartographer

• Andrea Barrett, Agha Shahid Ali, Richard Russo
• C. J. Hribal, Joan Aleshire, Peter Turchi, Thomas Lux
• Karen Brennan, Dave Smith, Kevin McIlvoy, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Tony Hoagland, Joan Silber, Steve Orlen
• Carol Jane Allen, William Van Every, Michael Jarmer
• David Haynes, Reginald Gibbons, Debra Spark
• Fred Arroyo, Laura-Gray Street, Rose Ann Miller
• Kathleen Lester, Michael Ritterbrown, Linda Wing, Robert Yardumian
• Sharon Bryan, Carl Dennis, Carl Philips


20th Anniversary Gala Banquet. Two tapes, $12.00

Joan Aleshire: The Bees of the Invisible: Rilke's 'Task of Transformation'
Marianne Boruch: Line and Room
Karen Brennan: Memory, Dream, Story and the Recovery of Narrative
Kevin McIlvoy: Damaged by Willa Cather: One Writer's Recovery Program
Pablo Medina: Literature and Democracy
Michael Ryan: Authority and Authenticity

• Dave Smith, Charles Baxter, Steve Orlen, Kevin McIlvoy, Alan Williamson
• Ehud Havazelet, Brooks Haxton, Pablo Medina, Eleanor Wilner
• Gregory Orr, Peter Turchi, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Joan Aleshire, Louise Gluck, Michael Ryan, John Skoyles
• Marianne Boruch, Antonya Nelson, Ira Sadoff, Chuck Wachtel
• Michael Collier, Nahid Rachlin, Claudia Rankine, David Shields
• Deborah Artman, Jeff Bens, Elizabeth Arnold, Merin Wexler
• Diane Droster, Foley Schuler, Jan Eliasberg, Fran Edinger, Barbara Moss
• Julie Abbruscato, Rofiah Breen, Chris Hale, Cass Pursell
• Karen Whalley, Joan Frank, Gayle Nosal, Susan Kan



Debra Allbery: My Emily Dickinson
Robert Boswell: Writing the Political Novel: The Responsibilities of the Writer in an Inconvenient Time
Ellen Bryant Voigt: A Moment's Thought: Some Notes on Revision

• Agha Shahid Ali, Margot Livesey, Tony Hoagland
• David Haynes, Stephen Dobyns, Debra Spark
• Ellen Bryant Voigt, C.J. Hribal, Joan Aleshire
• Larry Levis, Robert Boswell, Renate Wood
• Peter Turchi, Andrea Barrett, Steve Orlen, Rick Russo
• Robert Cohen, Debra Allbery, Christopher McIlroy
• Adrianne Harun, Hal Herring, Maria Benet, Kathy Tanney
• Deb Geigis Berry, Nancy Krim, Connie Matthiessen, Becke Roughton
• Michael DiLeo, Amey Miller, Kathryn McCord, Marisa Silver
• Peg Alford, Pat Corbus, Dawn O'Dell, Muriel Nelson, Kathleen Stocking


Joan Aleshire: Breaking Apart: Emotion versus Sentimentality
Marianne Boruch: Decoys
Brooks Haxton: Creative Freedom and Expressive Urgency
Ira Sadoff: Modernism, Writing Workshops and the Myth of Closure
Eleanor Wilner: The Compass Rose, Part II (Part I found at January 1995)

• Andrea Barrett, Heather McHugh, Peter Turchi
• Antonya Nelson, Steve Orlen, Susan Neville
• C.J. Hribal, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Chuck Wachtel
• Ehud Havazelet, Campbell McGrath, Pablo Medina
• Joan Aleshire, Marianne Boruch, Ira Sadoff, Eleanor Wilner
• Mary Elsie Robertson, Brooks Haxton, Joan Silber
• Arlene Jones, Jane Christensen, Barbara O'Dair, John Vincent
• Crystal Bacon, Anne Caston, Martha Peeples, Brandel France de Bravo
• Gary Hawkins, Gina Brandt, Quentin Sherwood, Anne Voegtlen
• Jennifer Martelli, James Reed, Erika Nanes
• Mari Coates, Dinah Berland, Denise Stallcup, Ralph Sneeden


Michael Martone: Camouflage
Richard Russo: Place in Fiction
Eleanor Wilner: The Compass Rose, Part I" (Part II found at July 1995)
Renate Wood: Poetry and Surprise: Reflections on Aspects of the Unexpected for Writer and Reader

• Debra Allbery, Darcey Steinke, Dave Smith
• Janet Peery, Agha Shahid Ali, Richard Russo
• Karen Brennan, Heather McHugh, Pete Turchi
• Michael Martone, Eleanor Wilner, Antonya Nelson
• Renate Wood, Kevin McIlvoy, Ellen Voigt, Irini Spanidou, Larry Levis
• Barabara Preminger, Michaela Carter, Scott Ummel, Beret Strong


Robert Boswell: The Spandrels of San Marcos (temporarily unavailable as of 12-27-12)
Susan Neville: The Infinite Regression of Self-Consciousness (temporarily unavailable as of 12-27-12)

• Andrea Barrett, Heather McHugh, Robert Boswell
• Joan Aleshire, Karen Brennan, Ellen Voigt, Kevin McIlvoy, Alan Williamson
• Margot Livesey, Pablo Medina, Peter Turchi
• Mary Elsie Robertson, Steve Orlen, Joan Silber
• Pinckney Benedict, James McMichael, Susan Neville
• Pam Berkman, Mary Lynn Ellis, Jane Viehl, Tom Lux
• Kim Downing, Sara Harrell, Susan Imhoff, Peggy Shinner
• Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Burt Shulman, Abigail Howell, Leslie Walker Williams
• Nora Dvosin, Laura Newbern, Emmy Liston, Rachel Roze
• Susan Kolodny, Gene Case, Corey Marks, Sandy Jacobs


Joan Aleshire: The Contest of Reason and Unreason in Robert Frost
Stephen Dobyns: Tone
C.J. Hribal: The Scene Beast is Hungry
Larry Levis: Elegy as History: Vision and Revision in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney
Chuck Wachtel: Narrative Voice, Beyond Persona

• Charles Baxter, Stephen Dobyns, Michael Martone
• Edward P. Jones, Marie Howe, Antonya Nelson
• Joan Aleshire, C.J. Hribal, Thomas Lux
• Margot Livesey, Steve Orlen, Chuck Wachtel
• Reginald Gibbons, Joan Silber, Larry Levis
• Richard Garcia, Nika Helmer, David Lanier, Lori Storie-Pahlitzsch
• Sally Ball, Philip Herter, Sandy Ballard, Browning Porter
• Steve Fay, Peter Turchi, Ellen Voigt


Marianne Boruch: Poetic Sound
Robert Boswell: Urban Apocrypha & the Role of the Writer in the Realm of the Radically Real, or EXPLODING POODLES
Roland Flint: Would You Its Trick Transfer: Learning from James Wright
Kevin McIlvoy: A 'Sex Scene' Sutra
Ira Sadoff: Transformation and Surprise

Student Class:
Joe Wenderoth

• Andrea Barrett, Roland Flint, Irini Spanidou
• Charlotte Matthews, Achy Obejas, Priscilla Orr, Pete Turchi
• Douglas Brayfield, Joanne Green, Meg Hill Fitz-Randolph, Cynthia Wyatt
• Joan Aleshire, Joan Silber, Thomas Lux
• Kevin McIlvoy, Heather McHugh, Geoffrey Wolff
• Leslie Stahlhut, Joe Wenderoth, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Marcia Pelletiere, Gary Carlson, Jody Zorgdrager, Edite Cunha
• Marianne Boruch, Brigit Kelly, Robert Boswell, Michael Collier, Ellen Voigt, Eleanor Wilner
• Pablo Medina, Karen Brennan, Ira Sadoff
• Robert Ayres, Kurtis Clements, Melissa Berton, Jocelyn Lieu
• Graduation, featuring E. Cunha, Browning Porter and the Poets


Carl Dennis: Lyric Point of View
Carol Frost: John Berryman at Thirty-Six
Tony Hoagland: On Disproportion
C.J. Hribal: Jittery Omniscience: Strategies for the Squeamish
Richard Russo: Interior/Exterior
Alan Williamson: Stories About the Self

• Carlen Arnett, Paula Panich, Paul Jones, Tommy Hays
• Charles Baxter, Alan Williamson, C.J. Hribal
• Connie Porter, Tony Hoagland, Geoffrey Wolff
• Elizabeth Brownrigg, Margaret Kaufman, Floyd Harris, Chris Nealon
• Elizabeth Moore Kaiser, Clare Nagel, Cara Palladino, Mark Solomon
• Joan Aleshire, Reginald Gibbons, Carol Frost, Brooks Haxton, Renate Wood, Larry Levis
• Joyce Johnson, Steve Orlen, Richard Russo
• Margot Livesey, Carl Dennis, Jim Shepard
• Nan Anderson, Grace Mazur, Ruth Anderson, Lee Polevoi
• Robert Boswell, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Kevin McIlvoy

Foreign Language Reading (proceeds from this recording will go to Friends of Writers)


Stephen Dobyns: Yannis Ritsos, Mary Oliver, and the Metaphysical Moment: Arguments Against the Mundane
Renate Wood: George Trakl: An Introduction

• Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Bruce Weigl, Steven Schwartz
• Cheryl Baldi, Pam Mandell, Ellen Dudley, Michael Pritchett
• Elinor Cramer, John Donoghue, Robert Boswell
• Joan Aleshire, Michael Collier, Marianne Boruch, Kenneth Rosen, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Ira Sadoff, Renate Wood
• Joan Silber, Brooks Haxton, Chuck Wachtel
• Joyce Johnson, Stephen Dobyns, Michael Martone
• Judith Chaves, Charles Mann, Susan Sterling, Jan Worth
• Kevin McIlvoy, John Skoyles, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Stuart Downs, Paula Ruth Moore, Joe Loizzo, Catherine Thompson

"The Song of Solomon" (proceeds from this recording will go to Friends of Writers)



Greg Orr: Keats and Yeats: From Lyric to Dramatic Lyric
Ellen Voigt: The Ruthless Lyric: Point of View

• Ann Guzzardi, Sarah Buttenwieser, Anne Sullivan
• Brooks Haxton, Judith Grossman, Heather McHugh
• Eleanor Wilner, C.J. Hribal, Larry Levis
• James Wilcox, Carol Frost, Jim Shepard
• Joan Aleshire, Robert Boswell, Ellen Voigt
• Joan Silber, Greg Orr, Chuck Wachtel
• Lucy Brennan, Lauren Yaffe, Don Colburn
• Nancy Koerbel, Jan Neudeck, John Skoyles
• Reginald Gibbons, Margot Livesey, Thomas Lux


Marianne Boruch: Poetry and Its Rubble
Judith Grossman: Departures from the Vernacular
Greg Orr: The Post Confessional Lyric
Ira Sadoff: Hearing Voices: A Discussion of Components and Consequential Pleasures of 'Voices'
Renate Wood: Renate Wood: "Poetry and the Self" Part One of Two
Renate Wood: Renate Wood: "Poetry and the Self" Part Two of Two

• Brian Bouldrey, Lynn Becker, Mimi Herman, Francine Sterle
• Charles Baxter, Brooks Haxton, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Chuck Wachtel, Ira Sadoff, Joan Silber
• Elizabeth Dodge, Steve Kowit, Vicki Lettman, Michele Wyrebeck
• Judith Dancoff, Marta Maretich, Lisa Springer
• Judith Grossman, Marianne Boruch, Kevin McIlvoy
• Karen Minton, Deborah Lambert-Brown, Sam Hodges, Susan Roney-O'Brien
• Kurt Ayau, Susan Abraham, Ken Cook, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Helen Fremont for Ali Dor-Ner
• Libby Mosier, Linda Dyer, Joe Schuster, Mary Leader
• Susan Stewart, Alan Williamson, Joan Aleshire, Ken Rosen, Greg Orr, Ellen Voigt


Susan Engberg: Between the Acts: Thinking About the Writing Life and the Aging Process
C.J. Hribal: How to Really Ruin a Story
Larry Levis: Snodgrass: After the Confessional
Michael Martone: The History of Corn
Richard Russo: Imagination: A Working Definition

• Charlotte Hussey, Joseph Bathanti, Nancy Mitchell
• Sarah Kafatou, Lee Sharkey, Neal Lulofs
• Joan Aleshire, John Skoyles, Eleanor Wilner, Thomas Lux, Ellen Voigt
• Susan Engberg, Carl Dennis, Richard Russo
• C.J. Hribal, Heather McHugh, Joan Silber
• Sarah Lantz, Helen Fremont, Janice Sabin
• Bev Stoughton, Charles Wyatt, Chris Llewellyn
• Marie Howe, Joyce Johnson, Reg Gibbons


Marianne Boruch: Plath's Bees

• Alison Moore, Ken Rosen, Robert Boswell
• Barbara Murphy, Elizabeth Evans, Ed Hirsch
• Bruce Kijewski, Chuck Wachtel, Joan Aleshire
• Frank Edwards, Alan Williamson, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Jane Todd Cooper, Chuck Harmon, Curtis Derrick
• Judith Grossman, Michael Ryan
• Larry Starzec, Heather McHugh, Charles Baxter
• Marianne Boruch, Kevin McIlvoy, Brooks Haxton
• Mary Jo Moore, Jean Thompson, Robert Wrigley


Don Belton: Authentic Presence
Stephen Dobyns: On Structure
Lynn Emanuel: The New Formalists and the Language Poets: An Introduction
Louise Glück: Milosz, Jeffers, and Hass
Michael Martone: Ruining a Story
Greg Orr: Bishop and Lowell
Richard Russo: In Defense of Omniscience

• Don Belton, Ira Sadoff
• Doreen Gildroy, Richard Baker
• John Minczeski, Ann Scott Knight, Greg Orr
• Louise Gluck, C.J. Hribal
• Lynn Emanuel, Margot Livesey, Peter Cooley
• Norm Goodwin, Kathleen Thomas, Daniel Tobin
• Reg Gibbons, Judith Grossman
• Richard Russo, Eleanor Wilner
• Stephen Dobyns, Michael Martone


Joan Aleshire: Out of Extremity: The Opposition of Writing
Marianne Boruch: The Writer in Time
Michael Ryan: The Literary Dictator: A lecture and discussion of T.S. Eliot and his influence
Jean Thompson: Happy Endings
Alan Williamson: 'Falling Off the World': Poetry and Innerness

• Beth Hales, Greg Orr, Heather McHugh
• Grace Schulman, Steven Schwartz, Martha Carlson-Bradley, Kathy Craig
• Joan Fishbein, Robert Boswell, Joan Aleshire
• Kathy Aponick, Mary Elsie Robertson, Michael Ryan
• Nan Cuba, John Skoyles, Joan Silber
• Ricia Gordon, Charles Baxter, Ellen Voigt
• Robert Wrigley, Jean Thompson
• Valerie Allison, Alan Williamson, Marianne Boruch


Carl Dennis: The Voice of Authority
Reginald Gibbons: Against Maxims
Judith Grossman: Gender and the Vision of American Private Life: Grace Paley and Philip Roth
Greg Orr: Disorder and Order
Richard Russo: What Writers Read

• Gail Segal, Joan Silber, Thomas Lux
• Jeff Talmadge, Ellen Voigt, Carl Dennis
• Judy Young, Richard Russo, Joan Aleshire
• Karen Whitehill, Dale Neal, Rebecca Seiferle, C.J. Hribal
• Rachel Fink, Shirley Warren, John Skoyles
• Reg Gibbons, Judith Grossman
• Roger Fanning, Susan Engberg, Eleanor Wilner
• Thomas Farber from his book Compared to What?
• Virginia Weir, Michael Ryan, Gregory Orr


Joan Aleshire: Coleridge and Redemptive Imagination
Marianne Boruch: Hopkins' Solitude
Clarence Major: Necessary Distance: Afterthoughts on Becoming a Writer
Gregory Orr: Four Worlds and Some Poems about Things

• Alan Williamson, Marianne Boruch, Michael Martone
• Heather McHugh, Ken Rosen, Chuck Wachtel
• Jane Brox, Steve Kronen, Kate McCorkle
• Joan Aleshire, Michael Ryan, Charles Baxter
• John Skoyles, Clarence Major
• Kathy Giencke, Martha McFerren, Carl Zettelmeyer
• Naomi Guttman, Terry Culleton, Beth Stahlecker
• Robert Boswell, Ellen Voigt, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Tommy Hays, Bethany Pray


Allen Grossman: Orpheus/Philomel
Allan Gurganus: Garden Sermon
Stephen Dobyns: Chekhov's Letters

• Douglas Unger
• Ellen Voigt, Robert Boswell
• Greg Orr, Sara Vogan
• Jean Thompson, Susan Stewart
• Jill Coupe
• John Skoyles, Allen Gurganus
• Lucy Cummin, Eva Davidson, Diane Swan, Ann Turkle
• Norman Rush
• Ruth Stone, Stephen Dunn
• Thomas Lux, Joan Aleshire


Susan Engberg: Questions on Experience and Fiction Writing

• Chris Bursk
• Francine Prose, Ellen Bryant Voigt
• Gerald Stern
• Joan Aleshire, Michael Ryan
• Joan Silber, Thomas Lux
• Marck Beggs-Vema, Kitty Hamilton
• Mary Elsie Robertson, Ken Rosen
• Peter Harris, Susan Lewis
• Robert Boswell, Heather McHugh
• Sarah Barnhill, Sandy Solomon
• Susan Engberg


• Carl Dennis, Edward Hirsch
• Carol Lawrence, Janet Winans
• Dulcie Leimbach, Gail Peck
• James Wilcox, Fred Chappell
• Joan Silber, Heather McHugh
• John Skoyles, Ellen Voigt
• Mary Elsie Robertson
• Michael Ryan, Stephen Dobyns
• Stuart Dybek, Thomas Lux
• Stuart Phillips, Marjorie Woodbury
• Tom Sleigh, Charles Baxter


• Bridget Morton
• Gwyn Rubio, Marilyn Tatlow
• Heather McHugh, Carol Mahler
• Jay Cantor, Louise Glück
• Jim Schley, Debra Conner
• Joan New, Stuart Robbins
• John Skoyles, Joan Aleshire
• Ken Rosen, Robert Boswell, Lisel Mueller, James McManus
• Mark Swanson
• Mary Elsie Robertson, Michael Ryan
• Stephen Dobyns, Francine Prose
• Sue Hand Robinson, Julie Bruck
• Thomas Lux, Stuart Dybek


• Charles Baxter
• E.J. Graff, Janice Murray
• Gail Lathrop, Kelly Powers, Meredith Skeath
• Joan Aleshire, Greg Orr
• Joan Silber
• John Skoyles, Ellen Voigt
• Joy Manesiotis, Duncan Moran, Gayle Roby
• Maura Stanton, Stuart Dybek
• Michael Ryan, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Patricia Hampl
• Steve Orlen


• Carol Hill, Steve Orlen
• Ellen Bryant Voigt, Robert Hemenway
• Jane Smiley, Heather McHugh
• Joan Aleshire, Gregory Orr
• John Skoyles, Mary Bonina
• Karen Chamberlain, Robert Satterwhite
• Robert Pinsky, Diane Johnson
• Stephen Dobyns, Francine Prose
• Thomas Lux, Michael Ryan



• C.K. Williams, Francine Prose
• Dennis Johnson, Mary Chevako
• Ellen Voigt, Stephen Dobyns
• Janet Sanford, John Skoyles
• Joan Aleshire, Lisel Meuller
• Robert Hemenway, Mary Elsie Robertson
• Stuart Dybek, Renate Wood
• Thomas Lux


• Brenda Hillman, Diane Johnson
• Cathy Appel, Karen Ashe
• David Huddle
• Dona Stein, Mary Jean Smoller
• Ellen Voigt, Mary Elsie Robertson
• John Skoyles, Joan Aleshire
• Julia Duncan, Blanch Farley
• Terri Ford, Pam Kircher



• Francine Prose, David Huddle
• Geoffrey Wolff, Reg Gibbons
• Joan Aleshire, Stephen Dobyns
• John Skoyles, Greg Orr
• Lisel Mueller, Michael Ryan
• Mary Elsie Robertson, Rocio Aragon, Linda Pessolano
• Sylvia Moss, Candace Denning
• Thomas Lux, Ellen Bryant Voigt


• Geoffrey Wolff
• Heather McHugh, Joan Aleshire
• Michael Ryan, Marcia Southwick

• Four Poems Read by Agha Shahid Ali at WWC 1995-1999
• Tom Andrews Readings, July 1997, January 2001
• Larry Levis Readings, 1992-1996