"Because of Warren Wilson's low-residency format, I now know exactly what it takes to balance my writing with the rest of my life.  Best of all, I now know for a fact that such a balance is possible."

~James Herndon (Class of 2011)


"I have been to many schools across the globe and none comes close to Warren Wilson. In Warren Wilson, I experienced my most profound classes, my best friends and my most transformative and favourite teachers. Instead of a band-aid applied from without, a heart transplant from within."

~Goldie Goldbloom (Class of 2011)


"Even to me, the least objective of viewers, the transformation made possible by the program was clear. I began the program with little more to offer than a love of language and a desire to learn. When I left for the last time I knew that I was mastering something difficult, lasting, and, to me, vitally important. Indeed, finishing my MFA at Warren Wilson had become more important than having a home.  The community, the quality of teaching, the support and intellectual rigor are the reasons I went there. All are lasting gifts. But it was the harder stuff that made me. It was the slipperiness of the shale that has made me fit for the future. My life would have been much easier had I never applied to Warren Wilson…. Without the program I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I would not know what I know, which is, simply, everything I always wanted to know. More than that, way more, is the understanding that had I not had the Warren Wilson experience I would not have this community. The people that have been brought into my life are the true gold of the program."

~Alison Powell (Class of 2010)


"During my two years with Warren Wilson, not only did I strengthen my skills as a writer, I realized more deeply who I am as a writer.  This realization grew largely out of relationships--with attentive faculty as well as students--that nurtured my own sense of self in relation to the art.  Those relationships still stand, and still nurture me, and for this I am eternally grateful."

~Hannah Fries (Class of 2010)


"The MFA program at Warren Wilson stimulated my writing in ways I hadn't thought were possible.  Not just with its rigor, or with its splendid feeling of community--although certainly, with these things too--but by enlarging my own sense of what my fiction could be and do.  It's among the most rewarding things I've ever done. (And oh, I wish I could do it again.)"

~Matthew Specktor (Class of 2009)


"I enrolled at Warren Wilson with very high expectations, and the program exceeded those.  If you are looking for a graduate program with a diverse and vibrant community of writers, a thoughtful, rigorous approach to teaching creative writing, and opportunities to work closely with dedicated faculty members, then Warren Wilson is the right place for you."

~Dilruba Ahmed (Class of 2009)


"It's where you go, if you want to learn how to craft your art."

~Jonathan Bennett Bonilla (Class of 2010)


"Before Warren Wilson, I never knew what a "community of writers" meant.  Now I know: people who have dedicated their lives to poetry and fiction, and for this reason write it, read it, teach it, and make lifelong friends late at night in the mountains talking about it."

~Justin Bigos (Class of 2008)


"After years of writing, translating, and studying on my own, I wanted—in faculty and fellow-students—a broad range of literary heritage, experience, and style. Warren Wilson’s MFA program exceeded, wildly, every one of my expectations."

~Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr. (Class of 2009)


"I expected only this when I settled on Warren Wilson: master teachers. What I didn't expect was that I'd learn to read while I was there, that I'd learn from poets and writers alike, and that the gift of that degree wouldn't end on graduation day."                                                                                

~Billy Lombardo (Class of 2009)


"I entered Warren Wilson Program for Writers as a mid-career poet to deepen my craft. There I discovered my critical prose voice, most especially during the essay semester, which consequently ignited a synergistic charge that strengthened my poetry."

~Glenis Redmond (Class of 2011)


"Not only did my advisors help me recognize the places where my writing turns odd, they taught me to pursue that oddness."

~Karen Tucker (Class of 2010)


"At Warren Wilson, I finally found the people I had been searching for (for years!):  a community of serious and supportive writers, faculty and students alike.  Best of all, because of the program's strong alumni support, I continue to feel connected to this vibrant tribe!"    

                                                            ~Laura Van Prooyen (Class of 2010)


"The decision to attend Warren Wilson’s MFA Program for Writers is one of most fortunate I have made in my life; I believe that it is because of the program that I am publishing a book and able to teach at the college level. But even more than these opportunities particular to my experience, I am grateful for what Warren Wilson offers all its students: the knowledge that allows us to become a better and more ambitious readers and writers, and the connection to a community of other writers who will help us continue pursuing our interests throughout our lives."

~Rose McLarney (Class of 2010)


"Those lucky enough to count themselves among the student population of Warren Wilson’s MFA Program for Writers will find that they have not only entered the most exacting and stimulating course of study available, but that they have found for themselves a lasting home. That this community of writers is so welcoming, the camaraderie among both faculty and students so rich and lasting, appears all the more special and strange when you consider how exceptionally gifted every single person is. A more perfect blend of rigor and support one could not hope to find no matter how hard one looked."

~Jeremy Bass (Class of 2010)